Friday 13th May

P7’s attended a Rugby Festival at Meadowmill this week. Two teams were entered and were up against other teams from all over East Lothian.  Great fun was had by all.

On Thursday we attended a Forensic Science morning at Musselburgh Grammar School.  Our mission was to find a murderer by process of elimination using scientific techniques.  We got to use lots of different equipment including the Bunsen burner (had to be mentioned as caused much excitement).  It was a really successful and enjoyable morning.

Next week is walk to school organised by the JRSO.  There are different activities on each day and a letter has been sent home regarding this.

On Thursday 19th May, children are being asked to wear their Pyjamas to school as part of Reading is Braw.  The theme for next week is spooky stories.

Friday 29th April

What a quick week this week!

In PE this week we were concentrating on our Athletic skills and doing high jump and 600m long distance running – Connor.

We are continuing to complete our Reading is Braw and I (Mrs Cleeton) will check the booklets next week.  The House Captains have launched a competition to design or recreate a front cover for your favourite book.  Entries have to be in by Friday 13th May.

Permission slip letter have gone to all P7’s.  One is for the P7 Tag Rugby on Wednesday 11th May and has a cost of £5 and the other is for the Forensic Science transition event on Thursday 12th May.

Thank you to Nicole’s Mum, Holly’s Mum and Abby F’s Dad for telling us how they use numeracy in their jobs during come learn with me.

Have a good long weekend!


Friday 15th April

What a great first week back.  Well done to all the P7’s who continued reading throughout the Easter break and many have now received their lanyard.

P7 are having a transition visit to MGS on Thursday 21st April.  Letters have been sent out and need to be back by Tuesday 19th April.

We have changed co-operative learning teams and created scarves with our team name on them.  We will be doing more lessons in these teams during this term.


Friday 11th March

Just a reminder about PE kits.   All children must bring them on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday each week.

Homework – spelling is given out on a Monday and to be back for the Friday.  Reading is given out every Monday for the following Monday.

I enjoyed showing the Grandison Memorial Trophy at Assembly this week – Jack.

At PE with Mr Barrie we climbed Big Ben, The Taj Mahal, the Eiffel Tower and the Colosseum – ask us about it!

Friday 26th February

This week letters were given out about the new Health & Wellbeing topic, The Bunny Drive, Reading is Braw and PE at QMU.

The DVD’s for the new topic will be available to view on Wednesday 2nd March 5-5.30pm.

P7 visited the Risk Factory on Wednesday.  It was scary, fun and exciting all at the same time.  We learnt how to stay safe and what to do in an emergency.

Mr Barrie really put us through our paces this week! We were doing circuits and the T test.  Many of us are sore today!

Please remember PE kits next week.


Friday 5th February

This week letters have been given out about the Risk Factory and Child Led Parents Evening.  The Risk Factory letters must be returned by 10.02.16.

In PE this week we have been doing long distance running and sprints – they were really good fun – Louisa.

BOSS clubs have been running over the past few weeks and everyone in P7 are enjoying doing them – Emma D.

We have been doing fractions this week in numeracy with Mrs Cleeton and have been gaining confidence when answering them.  There are good games with fractions on Topmarks.uk.co and the Maths on Track app.

Good luck to the footballer playing at Pinkie this afternoon!


Friday 11th December

This week we had a VE Day party in class. VE Day stands for Victory in Europe and marks the end of WW2.

In PE with Mr Barrie we have been doing some Scottish Country dancing. We also did a dance to ‘Wakka Wakka’. This was lots of fun.

This week we performed the school Christmas show called, ‘The Stars coming out for Christmas.’ Our song was all about Christmas dinner. We had lots of fun making props for this, including a giant Christmas pudding!

On Thursday we went to Musselburgh Grammar to see their Christmas Concert. It was very good. There was singing and musical instruments being played. They did a mash up of some of the songs from Shrek.

On Tuesday 15th December we are walking down to Tesco’s in Musselburgh to perform some Christmas Carols. It would be nice to see some of you there!

On Thursday the 17th December the pantomime is coming to school.

We also have our Christmas party on Friday morning… remember your party clothes!

Friday 27th November

This week in numeracy we have been continuing our work on fractions. We have been working out fractions of quantity, equivalent fractions and simplifying fractions.

We have been continuing with The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas during shared reading time. We have been really enjoying it. We are nearly at the end and we are going to watch the DVD on Tuesday 1st December.

We have had another drama session with students from QMU. This has been lots of fun. This week we were acting out Robert Burns poems.

During IDEA time we made Anderson Shelters in our table groups. They look really good.

This morning we helped our P1 buddies with their reading and their word walls. We then went to P6 Science Exhibition. It was fantastic and we learnt lots! Thank you!

Please remember next Wednesday we are going to Pinkie for a rugby festival. Wrap up warm!

Friday 13th November

Today we had lots of fun raising money for Children in Need. We took part in different activities in our houses. We did a Pudsey bear beetle drive, dance, rugby and skipping. Children dressed up in spots and some even had silly hair and their face painted.

We have been continuing to learn about WW2 this week. We have been learning about air raid shelters and have started to design our own. We will start to make them next week. We have also made gas masks. We have really enjoyed hearing stories from children in the class about family members who were involved in the war.

We have really been enjoying reading The Boy in The Striped Pyjamas. Bruno has just met Schmuel and they are starting to build up an unlikely friendship.

In numeracy we have continued to learn about fractions and finding fractions of quantities.

We have moved tables and now have new co-operative learning teams. We are looking forward to working in these new teams.

We have been very lucky to get the opportunity to work with a Charlotte, our French assistant. She is helping us with our conversational French and pronunciation. We are currently learning about vocabulary related to restaurants and cafes and learning how to order food and drink.

In PE we are playing badminton.

Friday 9th October

We have been having extra responsibility time with the other classes in the school. We have been helping the teachers and supporting children with their learning. It has been fun!

In our IDEA we drew pictures of the key leaders during WW2. We also found out some interesting facts about them. For example, Mussolini, the leader of Italy, was a bully at school! He then became a teacher for a short while!

We have also been learning about evacuation during WW2. We have made suitcases and learned about what they packed in them. We have also made ID tags.

In PE we played football with Mr Barrie. It was fun!

In maths we have been learning about the relationship between distance, time and speed.

In reading we continued with the Boy in the Striped Pyjamas. We started looking at the different settings. We were looking at the view Bruno had out of his window. We analysed the text and drew the setting. We are also beginning to build up character profiles of the main characters. We are looking forward to reading more.

We have created a Shout Out Wall in our classroom. This is where we can share any of our achievements, in or out of school.

We had special assembly today. Well done to all the winners!

Have a lovely holiday… see you when you get back!

Friday 25th September

This week we spent time working with our P1 Buddies. We helped them with with their reading. We were looking for the ‘e’ sound in their books.

We are reading the Boy in the Striped Pyjamas. It is quite interesting and we are looking forward to reading more.

In P.E we have been playing hockey. It is good fun but can be very painful if you get hit by the ball or stick!

We are learning about WW2 in our IDEA time. It is really interesting. So far we have learned why the war started and have listened to Neville Chamberlain’s radio broadcast. We are going to be writing IPR’s on the reaction to the announcement of war next week. We found it quite moving to listen to. It must have been very hard for people who lived during the war. We are looking forward to learning more.

We have all been given an imaginary character on our imaginary 1930’s street, Balaclava Street. We are imagining what it was like to live during the war. We have all been given families and houses at our co-operative tables.

In art we are looking at the work of a war artist called Henry Moore. He sketched the people in the underground, in the air raid shelters. We are recreating his work in class.

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  1. same ! Thought it was amazing could never ask for better people to go with 🙂 so excited for the trips in high school but I’m sure they won’t be near as good as Bemore.. I also hope that next years primary sevens enjoy it as much as we did ! It’s such good fun and a great laugh .. 🙂

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