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Benmore Day 4

The final activities are completed, the pizza was yummy, the disco moves were epic and we have a bunch of rather exhausted children in their beds! We’ve had an excellent week here at Benmore! Can we rewind to the start of the week and do it all again?

See you all tomorrow! (Have the hot water on and the washing basket at the ready!)

Love from P7!

Benmore Day 3

Another activity packed day completed and we defintiely heard a buzz around the room at dinner time this evening! Lots of chat about our favourite activities (too many to choose from!) and funniest moments so far (Miss Blanchflower definitely didn’t capsize in kayaking yesterday and have to get a lift to shore on the back of Cameron’s kayak…poor Cameron)!

Teamwork has been a particular strength this year and each group has been telling stories about how they’ve been helping and encouraging each other to push themselves out of their comfort zones! Yay team!

The boys and girls have been taking their cleaning duties very seriously (take note parents!) and have been keeping the house clean and tidy; room inspection scores were on the up today and the competition is on for Thursday and Friday!

Mrs MaCartney gave us a surprise visit this morning and stayed for the day, joining different groups at their activities. She even got her wet shoes on and joined Miss Glissov’s group kayaking!

Sweet and sour chicken/vegetables with rice and arctic roll with peaches were on the dinner menu tonight. However, “don’t worry” you don’t have to take the sauce with the chicken nuggets!

This evening’s activity was an active game of cluedo where the children searched the house for clues to discover which instructor committed a terrible crime! We also had a music quiz and caught a glimpse of the dance moves in store for us during tomorrow night’s disco!

Sending love to all at home (2 more sleeps!)

Miss B, Mr B, Miss G, Miss W and P7

Benmore Day 2

Our first full day has been a blast here at Benmore. All the groups have been out enjoying morning and afternoon activities – everyone has had a super day and each activity seems to trump the previous! Only 7’s for dorm inspections this morning so plenty of room for improvement. Spag Bol for dinner with apple crumble for dinner…oh and gooey cookies for cake o’clock…we are not complaining about the food!! Everyone sends their love home,

The staff and P7 (they grow up so fast!)

Benmore Day 1

First day done and the kids are all fast asleep in their beds…or pretending to be! We have had an excellent day all round and the children have enjoyed settling into to their new doorms and exploring the centres grounds. Fish and chips for dinner so everyone managed to eat something. Our first full day of activities tomorrow so we are all looking forward to those,

Mr B, Miss G, Miss B, Miss W and P6

The Great Exhibition of Stoneyhill 2016

On Friday 2nd December, P5/6 and P6 held a science and technology exhibition in the Stoneyhill Gym Hall.  The children were tasked with creating a demonstrable science experiment or model to present at the exhibition.  This year the variety was truly amazing and the children all worked really hard at not only creating experiments and/or models – but also in learning about the science involved with these.  They were able to demonstrate and explain some tricky science to all of the visitors who attended the exhibition – everyone went away with a new piece of knowledge or interesting fact.  Well done to all the children in P5/6 and P6 for their hard work in getting ready for the exhibition and a big thank you to those who helped and supported at home.  Finally thank you to all of our visitors today – we hope you all enjoyed yourselves, went away learning something new and hopefully it has sparked an interest in science and technology!

Mr Baptie, Miss Carmichael, P5/6 and P6.

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Benmore Day 4

Our last full day has been great fun.  The class has shown an amazing attitude at Benmore and come through all the challenges this week…I am a very proud teacher.  They have supported each other so well and will definitely leave with lifelong memories, some midge bites, the odd bruise and stiff elbows from all the dabbing!  We all look forward to seeing you tomorrow.

Mr B, Mrs L, Miss V and P7

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Benmore Day 3

Day 3 and we are all still having fun!  Tiredness is beginning to drift in so it has been an early night tonight in preparation for the Disco tomorrow night.  We also got 10’s for dorm inspections!!!!!  The children are now all fully trained bedroom tidyers, bed makers, floor sweepers and Henry Hoover pros…or at least semi pros!  The weather today has been that fine Scottish summer blend of blazing sunshine and rain at the same time.  I think each activity tops the previous in the children’s eyes, which is awesome to hear.  There was even a suggestion of turning cake-o-clock into abseil-o-clock; not as tasty but definitely just as fun!   Tonight’s activity involved teaming up with children from Duddingston Primary School (the other school here at Benmore this week) for a house treasure hunt.  This has allowed the two groups to mix and get more experience of living and sharing a space with others.  Black bin bags are beginning to fill with wet and muddy clothes…so make sure you’ve got plenty of detergent in the house for Friday!

See you all soon,

Mr B, Mrs L and Miss V…also the P7’s!

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Benmore Day 2

Day 2 at Benmore has been action packed!  Our first full day has seen all activity groups  out in the morning and afternoon getting wet, muddy and having a great time.  The children are settling down and getting into the swing of having to organise themselves (with a little help from their friends) to be at group meetings on time, have the right kit, perform house tidying tasks and pass the morning dorm inspections…8.9 is pretty good for the first inspection!  I don’t want to spoil too much for you guys about the different activities going on here or the children’s achievements as I feel it is an important part of the Benmore experience for the children to come home and tell you all about how they got on.  I will say though that they have all been challenged in different ways and have come through those challenges with a smile on their faces…as well as a bit of mud…or curry!  Spirits are high and they all send their love home, thanks for all the great messages : )

Mr Baptie and P7

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Benmore Day 1

Wow what a fun day…long, but fun!  We made excellent time on the journey up, the sunshine seemed to follow us all the way.  When we arrived we were given a tour of the house in our activity groups and issued the latest line in waterproof fashion.  The afternoon was spent exploring the amazing botanical gardens…followed by some ginger cake at cake-o-clock!  Dinner was fish and chips.  We are not long back from an “epic” night walk/jungle bash through the woods.  Everyone settle and tucked up in bed…the zzzz’s have certainly been earned today!

Mr Baptie and P7

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