Tough Mudder

Tough Mudder will be held tomorrow Thursday 29th March.

The times for the classes are as follows:

12 noon- nursery (am and pm) parents to accompany

1:40- P5 and P6

2:00- P4

2:20- P1 and P2/3

2:40- P6/7 and P7

All parents welcome to come along and watch!

Scottish Ballet

Do you love to dance?  

Are you going to be in P6 or P7 in September 2018?

Why not apply for Scottish Ballet’s Junior Associate Programme?

Free audition!  No dance experience necessary.  Every child who applies will be offered an audition.

Find more information here:


P6 learn about Blackhouses and Crofts

This week in Primary 6 we have been learning about Blackhouse and Crofts.  We created art work which showed a Blackhouse and then wrote some notes about them. 

We also had a visitor, Carl, who came in and did a session called Kid Fitz!  We had to challenge ourselves to see how many times we could skip, hula hooping and hurdle jumping.  We have been doing lots of work on concentration and memory including circle time games and Kim’s game.

“I loved making the Blackhouses because I love to create collages!” – Emily

“I enjoyed Kid Fitz because it was fun and challenging” – Amy N

“I liked P.E. with Mr Mourits because we were playing Netball and it was fun and challenging” – Jake

“I enjoyed P.E. with Mr Baptie because we played capture the flag – it was good fun!” – Lewis W.

Benmore Day 1

First day done and the kids are all fast asleep in their beds…or pretending to be! We have had an excellent day all round and the children have enjoyed settling into to their new doorms and exploring the centres grounds. Fish and chips for dinner so everyone managed to eat something. Our first full day of activities tomorrow so we are all looking forward to those,

Mr B, Miss G, Miss B, Miss W and P6