Benmore Day 4

Good evening!


We’ve had an awesome last day! The boys and girls have been a real pleasure this week and done themselves proud!


Thursday night calls for a disco here at Benmore and we’ve used up the last of our energy dancing the night away! They’ve almost flossed themselves in half and taught the teachers all the cool new moves!


The school will keep you updated with our estimated time of arrival tomorrow afternoon! I’m sure you’ll hear lots of funny and exciting news and stories when we get home!


See you soon! Make sure the hot water is on and the washing machine is empty!


Mrs M, Mr B, Miss H, Mr T and P7


Tough Mudder

Tough Mudder will be held tomorrow Thursday 29th March.

The times for the classes are as follows:

12 noon- nursery (am and pm) parents to accompany

1:40- P5 and P6

2:00- P4

2:20- P1 and P2/3

2:40- P6/7 and P7

All parents welcome to come along and watch!

Scottish Ballet

Do you love to dance?  

Are you going to be in P6 or P7 in September 2018?

Why not apply for Scottish Ballet’s Junior Associate Programme?

Free audition!  No dance experience necessary.  Every child who applies will be offered an audition.

Find more information here: