P7 Maths Mini Project

This week in Primary 7 we started our maths mini project where you plan an end of year excursion. We were separated into groups to complete the task.  It has been hard to find different types of information and all of the groups are working hard. We had to figure out the cost for travel and the activity we have chosen, make a healthy snack and each day filled out our feedback sheet for everyone else our group.

When working on World War 2 we made Propaganda posters in art. Continue reading “P7 Maths Mini Project”

Filling each others buckets with kindness!

Today we had our class assembly about filling each others buckest with kindness. Jenna

We all had our assembly today all the practising was worth it. We confidently performed our best in the different parts of the assembly about treating others kindly. – Erin

Yesterday we had a maths assessment to see how we were doing in time. – Gemma

I enjoyed doing assembly cause I liked doing the songs to the class. – Georgia

The school football team have a game today – wish us luck ! – Tom

In maths we were adding fractions and it was tricky to start with but we got better at it with practise – Cameron

The assembly went really well. It was very interactive which went down really well. Sophie




Our Christmas Show

This week we performed our Christmas show and sang our hearts out. It went super well and our audience were amazed. All the actors and actresses remembered the lines really well especially Maia  who had so much to learn. Every class were fantastic and performed really well.

We are still practising our songs so we can sing them at Tesco next week. We also sold our baubles at the Christmas Show. You can still buy the baubles if you bring in £3 next week.

We wrote our  final draft of Titanium in literacy and it went very well. We have learned how to upscale our sentences and words and to use the show and not tell technique. We have also learned how to use the different tactics from our slow writing. We have discovered how to write a story without being really repetitive. We are going to display our writing so feel free to come and have a look. Continue reading “Our Christmas Show”

A Spotacular Week!

This week has been spotacular. Today is Children in Need and everyone went round four activities in their Houses – Pudsey battleships, Design a Mask, All about Children in Need and the Spot Hunt. It was lots of fun and we raised lots of money for Children in Need.

We have been making Shadow Puppets this week. Our new IDEA is Lights, Camera and Action and we have studied a lot about the cinema.  We have been learning all about shadows and before cinema some countries entertained themselves with shadow puppets and stories using shadow puppets. We have also been planning a stage set for a scene in a play and next week we will make them making sure something moves and there is light. Continue reading “A Spotacular Week!”

Welcome to Primary 7!

Primary 7 is full of opportunities, hard working, fun, our next step to High School and full of friendly faces.

We started our year off with an amazing trip to Benmore. We learned how to be independent, how to work well in a group and encourage each other and not to be scared of the unknown. We came back from Benmore ready to use those skills in the classroom and have done so through all our curricular areas.

We are dedicated to our Vision, Values and Aims in Primary 7. #Grow! Create!Shine! Continue reading “Welcome to Primary 7!”