P4 2017-2018

Monday 15th January 2018

The pupils really enjoyed our science lesson today. They had to try and make a paper clip float on water! Once they had successfully made one paper clip float they experimented to see how many they could get to float and what would happen if the shape of the paper clip changed. Some people were getting a bit frustrated when it wasn’t working!


Christmas Party

Tuesday 19th December

Primary 4 did an amazing job today teaching some of the younger class some science. Mrs McMath planned some ‘Christmas’ themed experiments which P4 carried out last week and then today they did them again with P2/3. P4 were really supportive and encouraging and very well organised. Well done P4!


Wednesday 13th December

Tucking in to our delicious Christmas dinner.


Tuesday 12th December

We had great fun today dissecting owl pellets. We were able to find lots of bones from the animals they owl had eaten and we tried to identify which animal bones they were using a chart.

Thursday 7th December

We had a really exciting visit today from Davie from ‘Owl Magic’. He brought in 7 owls to meet the children and he told us some really interesting information about the owls. Some pupils were lucky enough to get a chance to hold the owls.


Tuesday 5th December

This week P4 have been learning to dance!

We have been making up dances of our own in small groups and also the pupils have learned the Boston Two Step. They are picking it up quickly and seem to be enjoying it. Here are some photos of the class making up their own moves.


Wednesday 28th November

We had our little visitor in to see us again. Laia came to visit us and we had a discussion about baby development while they are growing inside their mum. We had some great questions from the pupils like:

Does the mum have to be really healthy when the baby is inside her? Is it painful when carrying the baby? Can you still work while you are pregnant?
We got to see Laia on her play mat too.

Monday 13th November

The pupils are hard at work on their Big Maths Beat That. Will today be the day the beat their best ever score?

Friday 10th November

I liked writing about the clip ‘Adventures are the Pits’ and I tried to use a lot of good words. Sarah

This week I got my highest score on Big Maths Beat That. Katrine

I am proud of my first creative homework ‘All About Me’. Holly

I liked doing RME this week and talking about values in our classroom. Matthew


Thursday 2nd November

The blue reading group were hard at work today writing sentences about their book.

Friday 27th October

Primary 4 all enjoyed the Halloween disco last night. We really liked the dancing and some of the games. 

We were proud this week that we got a positive referral for our writing. Libby and Innes.

We are looking forward to our new BOSS clubs.

We were writing about the video clip ‘Treasure’. Ava was proud of her writing.

We have been using Nessy lots this week to improve our reading.

Erin enjoyed finding fractions of amounts this week.



Friday 8th September

I enjoyed my new BOSS club ‘sports’- Dylan

Lots of us enjoyed Kitz Fit this week where Carl taught us how to be fit and healthy!

Sarah and Lucas were proud to get ‘Star Swimmer’ this week.

I was proud of my story writing this week- Ava

I enjoyed typing up my story- James.


Friday 1st September

We all really enjoyed making a computer game this week using scratch.

Another fun week of swimming ‘Max’

I was proud of myself at swimming because I was able to keep swimming round the pool ‘Sarah’

We made some posters about growth mindset ‘Matthew’

Some pupils were awarded a homework star certificate for excellent homework. Kenzie was proud of his.

I was proud of my writing this week. ‘James’


Friday 25th August

We have had a very busy week and a half back at school! We have started our mini topic of Robots and the pupils are enjoying it.

Here are some things we enjoyed:

Making the robots- Buddy and Erin

Using the Literacy Shed again- Aurla

Making a mnemonic for ‘again’- Ellie (ask me at home what it is)

Swimming- Kenzie

Here are some things we are proud of:

Libby, Grace, Sarah, Erin, Innes T, Innes W and Aurla have made it to the golden table since we came back 🙂

I was proud to get 22 dojo points- Innes W

I am proud I did joined writing- Jacob

I am proud I used bewildered and perplexed in my writing- Ava