P6.7 2017-2018

Welcome to Primary 6/7’s class page!

Here you can find out what we’ve been up to in class. We will keep you updated regularly, telling you all about our learning, the activities we’ve been involved in and sharing our reflections on our learning.

Monday 12th January

“We began our topic on World War Two. We made planes to share what we already know and what we want to learn about the war.”


“We looked at Evelyn Dunbar’s painting called “The Queue at the Fish Shop” and took one part of the painting to draw. We were focussing on attention to detail and shading.”


“We started discussing our new novel, “The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas”. We looked at different front covers for the novel to decide and explain which one we thought was the most effective.”


“In numeracy we learned about BODMAS. It stands for Brackets, Order, Division, Multiplication, Addition and Subtraction.”


“We have been learning how to say French numbers to 70. We played bingo in class and Miss Blanchflower tested our listening.”


“For writing we created an imaginative story inspired by the picture “The Girl with the Red Balloon”.”



Friday 15th December

This week started with a bang as on Monday we put our best efforts into our two performances of the Christmas show! We want to give a shout out to all of the actors (including lots of people from our class) for taking time to learn their lines and doing so well. Thank you to many Primary  6 and 7 pupils who took on runner and set duties to help the show run smoothly.

We have also been continuing to practise our Christmas songs in preparation for our Carol singing performance at Tesco on Monday at 1.40pm.

In literacy this week, we have been finishing our Titanium writing. We took our 3 paragraphs and put them together to create a final draft. We were practising editing our writing; checking for repetition, that the events flowed and up-levelling our vocabulary.

In Numeracy and Maths we worked on developing our understanding of volume and area. We can use the formula Area = Length x Breadth to find the surface covered by a shape. We know that we must have a 3D shape to find volume and it is measured in cubic centimetres/metres because we have to multiply three numbers together to find it.


For our Lights, Camera, Action! IDEA we worked co-operatively in small groups to create our shoe box stage sets. We have attached some pictures of these below.

On Wednesday we had our school Christmas lunch. We made Christmas placemats for the occasion and sat together as a class.

We celebrated many successes in school this week at our termly Special Assembly. Congratulations to Cameron, Aleena, Coral and Tamzin on the achievement!



Friday 24th November

I learned…  

…what a setting is and we got to design our own. …how to work out the area of a shape (Area=L x B). …how to use ambitious vocabulary in our writing.  …how to use the show not tell technique in writing. …P6s learned how to use the Kelly kettle.


I enjoyed…

…learning to play the African drums and perform in front of the whole school. …going to the outdoor learning centre, we went to the beach and played games. We also built a tent.   … reflection task. …P6s enjoyed researching a famous actor/actress to make posters. …


Friday 17th November

“We made shadow puppets as part of our Lights, Camera Action topic.”



“Shadow puppets originated in India and they cast a shadow because they block the light.”

Cameron and Tino


“Shadow puppets can be made from opaque materials like card, plastic and leather.”



“You can cast a coloured shadow by using cellophane or a gel – they’re transparent.”

Holly and Katie


“In maths we learned about perimeter and added the lengths of the sides of the shapes together.”



“In literacy we learned about the show not tell technique to make our writing more exciting. We weren’t allowed to use certain words to make us describe things in detail.”