P7 2017-2018


Friday 9th March

Rugby Tasters this week in Primary 7 in preparation for our tournament in a few weeks.






Friday 9th March


Friday 9th February

This week in Primary 7 we started our maths mini project where you plan an end of year excursion. We were separated into groups to complete the task.  It has been hard to find different types of information and all of the groups are working hard. We had to figure out the cost for travel and the activity we have chosen, make a healthy snack and each day filled out our feedback sheet for everyone else our group.

When working on World War 2 we made Propaganda posters in art. Propaganda posters is when you want people to help you to encourage men to join the army. It is a false and exaggerated poster to persuade you to do something.

In our IDEA project we created a poster about a certain year in WW2. We had to find out facts about what happened in the year. It was a timeline. It went from 1939 – 1945 and we used books to find out the information.

In PE we were doing endurance and we had to do a fitness routine where we never gave up.

Yesterday was Mrs Naysmith’s last day before going on maternity leave.  We miss her very much and we hope to see her soon with her new arrival

Special shout out to Primary 5 for their AMAZING assembly.

It was good fun making the propaganda posters – Kyle

I enjoyed PE because it helped us get fitter and made us push ourselves – Reece

I enjoyed my birthday yesterday – Angus

I enjoyed doing the maths project because it was fun working out costs and using timetables for trains and buses – Kimberly

I enjoyed doing the Propaganda posters because you could be creative – Georgia

I enjoyed doing the maths mini project because I liked thinking of places to go. – Daniel

I learned a lot from the Primary 5 assembly – Skye

Something I found challenging was the maths project because it was hard to find out all the information – Maia

I learned something new from the students from the Netherlands. They taught us some Dutch – Erin.

Friday 2nd February

Today we had our class assembly about filling each others buckest with kindness. Jenna

We all had our assembly today all the practising was worth it. We confidently performed our best in the different parts of the assembly about treating others kindly. – Erin

Yesterday we had a maths assessment to see how we were doing in time. – Gemma

I enjoyed doing assembly cause I liked doing the songs to the class. – Georgia

The school football team have a game today – wish us luck ! – Tom

In maths we were adding fractions and it was tricky to start with but we got better at it with practise – Cameron

The assembly went really well. It was very interactive which went down really well. Sophie



Friday 15th December

This week we performed our Christmas show and sang our hearts out. It went super well and our audience were amazed. All the actors and actresses remembered the lines really well especially Maia  who had so much to learn. Every class were fantastic and performed really well. We are still practising our songs so we can sing them at Tesco next week. We also sold our baubles at the Christmas Show. You can still buy the baubles if you bring in £3 next week.

We wrote our  final draft of Titanium in literacy and it went very well. We have learned how to upscale our sentences and words and to use the show and not tell technique. We have also learned how to use the different tactics from our slow writing. We have discovered how to write a story without being really repetitive. We are going to display our writing so feel free to come and have a look.

On Wednesday we had a whole school Christmas Lunch.  House and Vice captains helped organise it and when Maia finally got her lunch she got it spilled all over her. The pigs in blankets were the best thing. The house captains got a big bowl of left overs. Special shout out to all the dinner ladies and Mr Gray and all the teachers who helped with the lunch.

In Maths we have been learning about volume. We have been learning all the calculations to work out volume. We found out the l x b x h gives you volume. We had to write out all we knew about perimeter, volume, area and length.

In Science we dissected owl pellets. We found out what the owls were eating and we tried to piece the bones we found back together to find out what species it was. We found out that when they eat something it goes into their stomach and the regurgitate it. Owl pellets are  not actually poo but are food they cannot digest. We can work out what their habitat is like depending on what they eat lots of. We did a crossword to test our knowledge.

Feel Good Choir went to QMU to perform our Christmas Mash up that we have been learning and everyone joined in and the little ones were cute. Lots of people said we were amazing. Santa Claus was there and he came to speak to us.  All the other Primary 7 class went to the MGS Christmas Concert. It was epic. There was choirs and the orchestra. The Rock Band were excellent and sounded amazing.

We put up the Christmas Tree and the class is looking very festive.

The girls football team have a game against Pinkie today. Wish us luck.

Next week we are going to sing at Tesco to do our Christmas mash up. Some parents are going to come and watch. We also have our parties next week, Christmas activities and the Panto.

Its nearly Christmas.


                The week ahead…………….. 27th November – 1st December

This week we are continue to practise for our Christmas Show which is on Monday 11th December – just 2 weeks today. All the classes have been working very hard to learn their songs and they sound amazing. The actors are all very enthusiastic about their lines and you can see how hard they have been practising.

Parent’s Evening is also this week on Wednesday and Thursday. We are helping with the book fair so please come along and buy a book. At Parent’s evening you will get the chance to get feedback from the teachers and get to see how we are getting on.

On Thursday we are going to be showing our boxes at Headstrong. We are excited but nervous about sharing our boxes. Our boxes show everyone the things that make us happy.

Friday 17th November

This week has been spotacular. Today is Children in Need and everyone went round four activities in their Houses – Pudsey battleships, Design a Mask, All about Children in Need and the Spot Hunt. It was lots of fun and we raised lots of money for Children in Need.

We have been making Shadow Puppets this week. Our new IDEA is Lights, Camera and Action and we have studied a lot about the cinema.  We have been learning all about shadows and before cinema some countries entertained themselves with shadow puppets and stories using shadow puppets. We have also been planning a stage set for a scene in a play and next week we will make them making sure something moves and there is light.

In Maths we started Times Tables for November and also looked at finding change with money. We have been working on rotations and have enjoyed doing Big Maths – Beat that. We also looked at Area this week.

We have continued looking at Acts of Kindness and  have been filling our bucket and giving out compliment slips. Our Headstrong workshops have helped reinforce the importance of being kind.

In Literacy we wrote the second paragraph of our Titanium story and learned about the Show and Not Tell technique. It was hard because you had to think of the setting without using certain words.

I enjoyed planning the Stage set because it was fun to think about what you would do and how. – Kimberly

I enjoyed doing the Shadow Puppets because it was a really fun lesson and I liked playing with them on the board – Ewan

I enjoyed doing my literacy because I think I am improving in literacy – Erin.

I enjoyed playing for the girls school football because we played well as a team – Skye

I enjoyed literacy because I have also been improving in literacy – Carmen.


Primary 7 is full of opportunities, hard working, fun, our next step to High School and full of friendly faces.

We started our year off with an amazing trip to Benmore. We learned how to be independent, how to work well in a group and encourage each other and not to be scared of the unknown. We came back from Benmore ready to use those skills in the classroom and have done so through all our curricular areas.

We are dedicated to our Vision, Values and Aims in Primary 7. #Grow! Create!Shine! We have so many opportunities to be creative and enthusiastic and to achieve and try our best. BOSS Clubs are the perfect example of this and we have been enjoying planning and delivering weekly lessons. This has been a challenge but we have demonstrated resilience and determination to work through any difficulties.

In Primary 7 we are embracing new challenges and opportunities to lead the learning. We have responsibilities every day and opportunities to be involved in House Events, JRSO, Pupil Council and of course Leading the Learning for the whole school through our BOSS Clubs.

Every week we will be updating our website sharing all the exciting things we have been learning and how we have been achieving. We will also be reflective about the work we have done and consider what we are proud of and how we have worked well to achieve and become more resilient.

At the moment we are thinking about saying and doing kind things in order to achieve our social skill of disagreeing appropriately and compromising. It is all down to being kind and considerate and we are trying hard to ‘fill our buckets’ in class with kind and considerate acts.



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