Please find below a selection of websites and activities to support your child’s learning in IDEA (Interdisciplinary Experience and Activities eg Egyptians).

Visits to library, museum, park, Newhailes , Botanics, beach etc.

Internet research                                 Mind maps                          Fact files

Topic trees                                            Make a model

Create a podcast, powerpoint, poster, leaflet, report etc.

Paint a picture                     Take photographs

Design/create a model, poster, clothing etc.

Play a sport/musical instrument

Report back on achievements (medals, certificates etc.)

Care for a pet                                     Gardening                                      Baking

Fundraising/Charity                           Sewing, knitting, woodwork, origami

Build a den                                       Create a game          Make a treasure map

Post a comment on the school website                                Make scrapbooks

Make a miniature world/room/garden in a shoebox  (National Museums)



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