Literacy & English

Please find below a selection of websites and activities to support your child’s learning in Literacy & English.

  • Nursery rhymes
  • Write song, poems, raps, letters, diary, recipes, instruction, silly sentences using key words, invitations

For spelling:

Rainbow words (write words using lots of different colours, go over the words in a different colour)

Sign Language Words (spell words with your fingers)

Words in Words (write one of your words. Then try to write two more words that can be spelled using the letters in that word.

Silly sentences (create silly sentences for each word, can you create a tongue twister by starting each word with the same letter?)

Print words (cut out letters from a magazine or newspaper and glue them onto a piece of paper)

Dictionary Dig (find each word in the dictionary)

Doodle words (write your words and doodle a picture beside it to show what it means)

Tennis words (pretend to bat a ball to a partner, and say each letter of the word as you ‘hit the ball’ so that you spell the word between you)

Cheerleader words (spell out your word and do a cheerleading sign for each letter as you go!)

Against the timer (use a stopwatch to time yourself writing all your words, then see if you can beat your fastest time)

More ideas:

  • TV/sport/film review
  • Learn a poem/song
  • E-mail friends/relatives/pen-pals
  • Write a play script
  • Use puppets to tell a story
  • Give directions
  • Learn some foreign words (use plastic letters to make French words)
  • Games eg. Scrabble, Boggle, Cranium, Pictionary, Articulate




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