Important Dates for Parents of Children going into P1.

P1 Buddies (For the children only)

We are intending to buddy up with P1 each Tuesday and Thursday from 10.15am – 10.30am for a playground session.  If you have a pre-school child who attends in the afternoon please try to come as it is a good way for them to get to know their new class.

Meet the Teacher (For the children only)

This will take place on Wednesday 15th June at 9am.  Afternoon children going into P1 should be dropped off at the main entrance.

Sports Day (For children and family)

AM Session : 11am  Thursday 23rd June

PM Session : 1.30pm Thursday 23rd June

Meet us in the park.  Children going into P1 that attend the PM session should be brought to nursery at 8.32am on this day and not attend the afternoon session.

Strawberry Tea (For children and family – max of 2 per child)

Thursday 30th June at 10.45am.  This is a celebration for the children as they move from nursery to P1.  AM children should be dropped off at the normal time of 8.32am and PM children going to school should come with their parent(s) at 10.45am.

w/c 9th May

Please find attached our most recent nursery newsletter plus a run down of diary dates for the coming weeks and the nursery transition to P1.

Thursday 12th May : Superhero dress up day for “Reading is Braw” – AM Class

Friday 13th May : Superhero dress up day for “Reading is Braw” – PM Class

Thursday 9th June : P1 Induction Day – 9am – main school – parents only

Wednesday 15th June : Meet the Teacher Day – All Pre-school children

Thursday 23rd June : Nursery Sports – AM and PM

Thursday 30th June : Strawberry Tea Celebration : All pre-school children and parents


Broad bean success – have a look at how well Clare’s broad bean plant is doing!!

Clare's Braodbean

w/c 18th April

It’s hard to believe that we’ve been back for a week already.  It was great to see all the parents at consultation nights last week.  We are now into the busy time of getting the pre-schoolers ready for starting P1.  There are lots of different activities and dates for this and I’ll include these in the nursery newsletter.

“Reading is Braw” is going well and lots of the children have earned their lanyard for their reading efforts.  Remember to fill in your childs booklet and bring it into nursery so that they can receive a lanyard if they haven’t already.

Our IDEA for the next 4 weeks or so is the Ancient Romans.  The children have been tasked with a little bit of homework today to find out a fact about the Romans to share with the class.  We’ll be learning lots about them over the next few weeks and about their time in Musselburgh.

We have the Gym specialist, Mr Barrie, this term and no doubt some of the children may have already told you about him.  The children loved their first lesson with him and he’ll continue to teach them new skills.

w/c 21st March

Only a few days left until the end of this term and the arrival of the Easter bunny.  This week the children will be taking part in lots of different Easter activities, designing eggs, painting chicks, baking Easter cakes, etc.

The Broad Bean plants grew exponentially over the weekend and we’ve had to support them with canes.  The children will be bringing them home this week – they will probably need potting on better supported for them to continue to flourish.  Might be a little early to put them in the garden but I’ll leave that decision to you!

We have been very lucky in that this week we have taken delivery of five brand new balance bikes and helmets.  They are on loan from the council for a term to allow me to deliver the “play on pedals” course to inexperienced riders.

Please note that Parent Consultations have been cancelled this week and they will now take place on Wednesday 13th and Thursday 14th April.  Appointment times will remain unchanged.

w/c 14th March

Please find below a selection of photos from our Pre school visit to the Zoo.  Everybody had a great time and we managed to pack a lot into the morning.  The highlight for everybody was seeing the Pandas or should I say Panda as one had decided to spend the time we visited in her bedroom.  The children showed great knowledge and understanding of their Panda facts and were able to demonstrate this in the workshop.  We did learn one new fact – Panda mums tuck their babies into their armpits to keep them safe and warm.  Thanks to all the parent volunteers.

Our broad bean plants have all sprouted and are growing taller by the day.  From tiny little shoots on Friday when we left to some as tall as 12cms on Monday morning.  The children are fascinated by the different growing conditions we have set up – one in the dark, one in sand and one in cotton wool.   They are all growing with exception of the one in sand – but I still have faith that we might see something soon.  The children have also been making flowers and labelling the different parts at the gluing table.

Our Percy the Park Keeper theme continues and we have been working hard at creating a display at the nursery/school door.







Our Reading Champions start soon in the nursery to support our Reading is Braw initiative – hope you are keeping your diaries up to date.

w/c 29th February

Our “Reading is Braw” initiative started with a bang this week.  All the children who dressed up looked amazing and it was great to discover all their favourite books.  By now you will have received a reading record for your child – remember to fill it in as you read at home.  If you can take photos of your children reading when they are out and about – I’ll upload them to the “Reading is Braw” page and we can see who can get a photo of the most interesting/oddest/extremist, etc place to do some reading.  I’ve already put up a display at the nursery entrance and we’ll add to it as the initiative progresses.

Our Percy’s Park theme continued this week and we have been learning about the different parts of a plant and the children have also each sown a broad been seed so we can watch them grow.  We have also sown some in cotton wool, sand and placed one in the dark to see what difference it will make from soil.

We have been talking about the different characters in the Percy’s Park books and the different events that take place.  After reading one of the books we have also been watching the animation of the story and comparing the differences.  The home corner has now been turned into Percy’s Hut complete with gardening tools and woodland animals.  We’ve seen some great role play.

w/c 22nd February

The February break fairly flew past!  The children had lots of stories and chat to share when they came back – gather rounds can last quite a while!!

By now pre-schoolers will have the revised date for the Zoo trip (Thursday 10th March) and details of your Parents Consultations (Wednesday 23rd/Thursday 24th March).

Ante Pre-Schoolers – don’t despair – we will be organising an excursion for you in the near future.

Our big idea this term centres around the new exciting community reading initiative – “Reading is Braw” which launches on Tuesday 1st March and lasts until the end of the academic year.  Details were put into your cubby holes this morning.  The first event is to dress up as your favourite book character on Tuesday 1st March.

We are going to use the Percy’s Park series of books as our central theme for the Reading is Braw project.  Percy’s Park lends itself to lots of different initiatives from learning about Spring, woodland animals, Parks, growing plants, using our senses, creating bird feeders, sorting and identifying leaves, etc.  We have lots of activities and learning opportunities planned and are hoping to involve the Ranger at Newhailes and have a spring walk.

w/c 8th February

Happy Chinese New Year or should we say “Gung Hay Fat Choy”.  This week saw the end to our Chinese New Year project and the children have been sharing what they’ve learned.  Lots of knowledge has been shared including the fact that red and gold are lucky colours,  that the big star on the Chinese flag is for the emperor and the small ones for the people, Pandas eat bamboo, that children get red envelopes with money in them, etc, etc, etc.  They have learned so much and taken part in lots of different activities from making pandas out of circles (a real cutting challenge), making their own red envelopes (with a chocolate coin!), making lanterns, writing stories about pandas, the list goes on!

We’ve also been re-ordering pandas on a number line.  Some of the children found this a challenge so keep practicing counting and number recognition at home.  The pre-school children have had their pictures removed from the board sign in to encourage them to recognise their names without a picture clue.  Nearly all of them are able to do this.  Children have also been copying Chinese New Year related words at the writing table.

The nursery team hope you have a lovely February break and we’ll see everybody back on Tuesday 23rd February.

w/c 1st February

Please click on the link below to view the latest nursery information.


w/c 25th January 2016

We have had a busy couple of weeks learning about all things Scottish, from where we live to what kind of animals come from Scotland.  The children have learned lots of new Scottish words and songs (our personal favourite was Three Craws).  They have been very busy making their own tartan weavings and paintings.  Story time has all been done with a strong Scottish brogue!

We are now moving onto learning about the Chinese New Year so please share any information that you have with your child when you are out and about.  This year is the Year of the Monkey.  As part of our topic the pre-school children will be visiting Edinburgh Zoo to undertake a workshop “Bear with Me” and a visit to the Pandas.  Don’t feel left out if you are an ante-pre as I will be arranging an excursion for you in the future.

Parents Consultations are to take place on the afternoon of Wednesday 23rd March and the evening of Thursday 24th March.  Sign up sheets are posted in the cloakroom and I would appreciate it if you could indicate which time suits you for Friday 29th January.

w/c 11th January 2016

We have had a great start to the new term and the children have come back refreshed and eager to learn again.

Our IDEA topic for the next couple of weeks is Scotland.  We have asked the children what they already know about Scotland (see our Floorbook) and we will soon be finding out what they would like to know about Scotland.  This will hopefully help with our next topic which is Chinese New Year and put China in context with Scotland and allow the children to compare the two countries in a simple way.

We are beginning to learn about shape through our activities in the playroom and in the garden.  Talk to your child about shape in the environment to increase their awareness.  Also, continue to point out number to your child – lots of children are doing very well with their rote counting and counting one to one but still need a help to recognise what that number looks like.

In literacy (reading, writing and listening and talking) our focus is events and characters.  When you are reading to your child ask them about the different characters in their stories and what “events” have taken place.

Gym continues to be on Tuesday for the AM session and Friday for the PM session this term.


A few dates to add to your diaries for the coming weeks.

Thursday 10th December – Preschool visit Queen Margaret University to carol sing.

Monday 14th December – Family Finish for AM and PM (11.45am or 3.30pm)

Wednesday 16th December – Christmas Party AM Class

Thursday 17th December – Pantomime for all nursery children (AM Class to be dropped off at 1.15pm and picked up at 2.45pm)

Friday 18th December – Christmas Party PM Class


Click on the link below to view the November newsletter for nursery.



We have had a very busy start to our nursery year.  The children have been learning all about fairy tales over the last month.  We have learned all about the Three Billy Goats Gruff, Goldilocks and the Three Bears and Little Red Riding Hood.  The children have worked really hard and make sure you make time to look at their displays or our Thinking and Talking Floor Book to see what they have been up to.

Through their play they have learned lots about characters and settings for stories and can confidently share their learning.

We have been learning about number through different play activities and some of the children are becoming very confident in recognising and ordering numbers 0-10 aswell as counting.  We have also been using the terms big, medium and small in our play and learning activities.

The writing table has been very popular since we came back from summer holidays.  The children have been using fairy tales as their stimulus and creating some amazing drawings and stories.  The have also been using stencils to practise writing their own names or initial sounds.

Our next IDEA is weather and the children have already been sharing “What they already know” about the subject.  They have also indicated what they would like to learn about weather – why does it rain, where does snow come from, what causes thunder and lightning, etc?  Lots for us to find out about.  Hopefully we will be able to make our own weather station in the nursery garden to find out more about weather.

As usual, if you have any issues or concerns please do not hesitate to contact a member of the nursery team.



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