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In Stoneyhill, we have changed the way in which we work in order to reflect the principles and practice set out in a Curriculum for Excellence. The following gives a brief guide as to what this will mean.

CfE A brief guide
Our vision is for all our pupils to become Successful Learners, Confident Individuals, Effective Contributors and Responsible Citizens.
We aim to do this by:
* Demonstrating a commitment to improvement
* Promoting achievement, attainment and creativity
* Providing positive and inspiring learning and teaching experiences
* Challenging and combating all barriers to equality and social justice
* Working in partnership with parents/carers and the school community
* Developing skills, knowledge, confidence and self-esteem in a caring and nurturing environment


Summary of Development Plan and Self-evaluation 2012

Summary of Development Plan and Self-evaluation 2011

Summary of Development Plan and Self-evaluation 2010

Summary of Development Plan and Self Evaluation 2009

Summary of Development Plan and Self-Evaluation 2008/2009

As well as giving an outline of where we hope to take the school within the next three years, this document lets you know which areas we will be concentrating on developing this session.

School Development Plan 2012.2013

School Development Plan Session 2011.2012

School Development Plan Session 2010/2011

Stoneyhill Development Plan Session 2009/2010
Stoneyhill Development Plan Session 2008/2009
Stoneyhill Development Plan Session 2007/2008

This document gives an overview of where we think we are in relation to the Quality Indicators set out in How Good Is Our School 3. This document provides the basis for evaluation visits which take place from our Quality Improvement Officer. On the basis of the evidence which we have, and which has been validated by our QIO, we would say that we are making very good progress in most areas and excellent progress in some. In those areas in which we feel that we are making good progress we have identified  steps make improvements.

Standards and Quality Report 2011/2012

Standards and Quality Report 2010/2011

Standards and Quality Report Session 2009/2010

Standards and Quality Report 2008/2009

Stoneyhill Standards and Quality Report 2007/2008
Stoneyhill Standards and Quality Report 2006/2007

4 Replies to “Our School”

  1. I would like to congratulate all the pupils who took part in the Poosie Nancy Burns competition last night. The standard of competition was very high and I thought the Stoneyhill pupils all performed exceptionally well.
    Thank you to the staff for giving all of their time and support in getting the pupils ready to perform. I am sure the school will come out on top next year now we have seen the standard to aim for.

    adrian stott

  2. Just wanted to say well done to Georgia, Rosie, Becca, Maria, Lauren and Shannon for raising the amazing amount of just over £137 on Saturday 22nd August for The Edinburgh Cat and Dog Home by organising a table sale in our street. They organised everything themselves from gathering all the sale items, pricing, setting up the sale and running it all day. They should be very proud of themselves….I am! Thanks to everyone that came along and bought something too.

  3. A reminder to any parents who wish to use the After School Club for the October holidays – please put your requests in NOW – potentially not going to run due to lack of numbers.

  4. We love wake up shake up and hope some of you guys want to come along on a tuesday morning .

    So what we have been doing is a christmas dance for the christmas show in a weeks time that we think the pupils that come are so excited to be doing it.
    The biggest thing we must do is thank our biggest helper and friend of ours Mrs Taylor and the the guys that come along .
    But we must wish everyone a merry christmas and a happy new year
    from the
    wake up shake up reps
    and Mrs Talyor our helper

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