School Meal Menu

School meals will cost £1.90 per day.

Please Note – The new menu includes dates which should make it easier to plan for your child’s eating preferences.

Primary Menu 11-12 April -Oct 2013 final






4 Responses to School Meal Menu

  1. megan says:

    i love this school

  2. Sam says:

    Would be of great help, if the school meals had a list of dates, so we could know what week we were on. That way i would know when to bring a packed lunch, incase i did not like what was on the menu that day, but most of the school meals are yummy!

  3. idrees says:

    Hi can we please have dates on the school menu so we know which week we are on!

  4. sam p2 says:

    it was good at sports day today

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