Head Teacher:  Ms Fiona Macartney

Depute Head Teacher: Mrs Carol Colville

Nursery Nurses:  Mrs Linda Banks and Mrs Margaret Welsh

Additional Support for Learning Teacher:

Class Teachers

Nursery : Mrs Lauren Paxton

P1 : Miss Gemma Herkes

P2 : Miss Mia Glissov

P3 : Miss Libby Brandon

P3/4 : Mrs Marie McMath

P4/5 : Mr Stefan Thomson

P5 : Mr Kris Johnston

P6 : Mrs Julie Naysmith/Mrs Carol Colville

P7 : Mr Jamie Baptie

Classroom Assistants:  Mrs Audrey Ross

PE Specialist: Mrs Hanne Robertson

Music Specialist:  Mrs Elaine Roberts

Brass Tutor:  Ms Jennifer Marr

Woodwind Tutor:  Mrs Juliette Aspley

Admin Assistant:  Mrs Gill Melrose

Clerical Assistant:  Mrs Sandra Swinton

Janitor:  Mr Nick Gray

Playground Supervisors:  Mrs Lorna Muir

Dining Hall Supervisor:  Mrs Jasvinder Singh

Crossing Patrol Person:  Mrs Lorna Muir

School Cook:  Mrs Anne Law

10 Replies to “Staff”

  1. mrs mcgillivray is the best head teacher ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. All the staff in Stoneyhill Primary School were really nice for us as students from the Netherlands. We learned a lot!
    Thank you for having us!

  3. Thank you Miss Drenth, we really enjoyed having you and the pupils enjoyed learning about the Netherlands and some Dutch!

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