Head Teacher:  Ms Kate Whiteley

Depute Head Teacher: Mrs Carol Colville

Class Teachers:

P1 : Ms Emily Hunter/Mr Stefan Thompson

P2/1 : Ms Libby Brandon

P3 : Ms Ruth Kinghorn

P4 : Mrs Carol Colville/Mrs Julie Naysmith

P5: Mrs Marie McMath

P5/6 : Mrs Evie Thomson/Ms Mia Glissov

P6/7: Ms Rachel Gallagher

P7 : Mr Kris Johnston


Support For Learning: Ms Sara Forshaw

P.E. Specialist: Ms Amy Nicholson

Woodwind Teacher: Ms Juliette Aspley

Brass Teacher: Ms Jennifer Marr

Nursery Staff

Centre Manager: Ms Amanda Edwards

Senior Early Years Practitioner: Michelle Kean

Early Years Practitioner: Ms Jade Scanlon

Early Years Practitioner: Ms Samantha Gibbons

Early Years Practitioner: Ms Sarah Kelly

Nursery Support Worker: Mrs Elaine Russell

Admin Staff

Business Support Administrator: Mr Stewart Cunningham

Business Support Assistant: Mrs Sandra Swinton

Classroom Assistants

Mrs Audrey Ross

Mrs Val Curran

Mrs Anna Gora

ASN Auxillary 

Ms Lisa Brenchley

Playground Supervisors

Mrs Lorna Muir

Ms Joanne Ritchie

Crossing Patrol Person

Mrs Lorna Muir

Catering and Dining Hall Staff

Senior Cook: Mrs Lucy Taylor

Catering Assistant: Mrs Tracy Curran

Catering Assistant: Mrs Teresa Collins

Catering Assistant: Ms Laura Bishop

Dining Hall Supervisor: Mrs Jasvinder Singh

Dining Hall Supervisor: Mrs Fiona Walton

Faculties Staff

Janitor: Nick Gray

Senior Cleaner/Senior Facilities Assistant: Lorraine Reid

Cleaner: Laura Campbell

Cleaner: Lesley Brown

Cleaner: Jenna Burnett

Cleaner: Caroline Kirk

10 Replies to “Staff”

  1. mrs mcgillivray is the best head teacher ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. All the staff in Stoneyhill Primary School were really nice for us as students from the Netherlands. We learned a lot!
    Thank you for having us!

  3. Thank you Miss Drenth, we really enjoyed having you and the pupils enjoyed learning about the Netherlands and some Dutch!

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