Boiler Issues

Please be aware that on Tuesday 2nd April annual maintenance will be carried out on the school boiler. Children should make sure they wear or bring warm clothes on this day.

Parental Engagement Survey

Please find attached a link to the Parental Engagement Strategy 2017 evaluation surveys.  We are seeking responses to help us to evaluate the impact of the six strands of the strategy for schools, parent council members and the wider parent forum.  The full Strategy document is available at

This survey is for completion by your Parent Forum.

Christmas Online Safety Song

With a tech-filled Christmas on the horizon, we thought parents might need a little help in keeping their children safe when using their new digital devices…
We’re delighted to have once again teamed up with our teacher friends Dan and Sam from ‘Musicalternative’ to bring you this jolly online safety jingle for parents – for you to share with your whole school community!
Please watch and feel free to share this song across your social media platforms:

Benmore Day 4

Good evening!


We’ve had an awesome last day! The boys and girls have been a real pleasure this week and done themselves proud!


Thursday night calls for a disco here at Benmore and we’ve used up the last of our energy dancing the night away! They’ve almost flossed themselves in half and taught the teachers all the cool new moves!


The school will keep you updated with our estimated time of arrival tomorrow afternoon! I’m sure you’ll hear lots of funny and exciting news and stories when we get home!


See you soon! Make sure the hot water is on and the washing machine is empty!


Mrs M, Mr B, Miss H, Mr T and P7


Benmore Day 3

Good evening!


Another busy but exciting day coming to an end here at Benmore. The boys and girls are in good spirits and they can’t believe how quickly the time is passing so they must be having a ball! The weather has turned a little for us today with some drizzle but we’re not letting that spoil any of our fun!


All of the groups took turns on different activities today and pictures will follow!


We’ve had many positive comments from Benmore staff about how polite, respectful and responsible our children have been so far during our stay so we are very proud, as I’m sure all of you at home will be too. The children have been taking their cleaning responsibilities around the house, in the common areas, very seriously and the scores at this morning’s room inspections were fantastic! All three of the girls’ dorms scored 10 out of 10 and the boys’ dorms followed with, very respectable, scores of 9 and 9 and a half out of 10! The teachers tried to extend this learning by asking the children to help them with cleaning their dormitories but unfortunately there were no takers!


Day 3 Diaries


“Today was really fun. We went caving which was very scary and fun. We were lowered in then had to find our way out. It was tough but we got out in the end. We had to climb and I didn’t even need a rope.”



“After lunch we went biking – it was really bumpy. Then we went to a lake to skim stones.”



“Today was AMAZING. We canoed to the caves, did the tight caves and then canoed back. It was also funny because me and Lewis W’s canoe tipped on top of us upside down. Dinner was really good and yummy because we had chicken bites and rice. We had an artic roll for dessert.”



Benmore Day 2

Evening all!

You’ll be pleased to know that we’ve got the computer working so we have attached lots of action photos to the bottom of this post! Everybody is safe and well after our first full day of activities!


Mrs McDermott’s group went climbing/abseiling and gorge walking today; Mr Baptie’s group went kayaking and climbing/abseiling; Miss Harrison’s group went caving and mountain biking; and Mr Traynor’s group went gorge walking and canoeing. Dinner tables were buzzing with excitement tonight as everybody shared their highlights from the day and funniest moments! Some of these will be shared below in extracts from the children’s diary entries.


We also wished Chloe a happy birthday today! We celebrated with a special, personalised cake at 5pm (which is cake o’clock every day at Benmore)! Dinner tonight was spaghetti bolognese with garlic bread, followed by blueberry cheesecake!


We are incredibly proud of how well the boys and girls are rising to the challenge of being away from home for the week and pushing themselves out of their comfort zones. Shout outs to everyone who has worked hard to overcome nerves and fears during today’s activities! We are sure this attitude will continue throughout the week!


Day 1 Diaries


“I got to go on an adventure around the centre and park. It was so fun. We got to jump in muddy puddles. We got to go over a ford and walked over the river. I got squelching socks and every time I took a step you heard the squelch.”



“It was a very long, boring journey but when we got closer to Benmore there was a beautiful view out of the window. Not even words could describe that beautiful view! It glimmered in the sunlight and the big hills were wavy and green with trees poking out.”



Day 2 Diaries


“Today has been really good but I had to challenge myself a bit. The first activity was canoeing and it was so fun. I can’t explain how good it was. The funniest thing that actually happened was that Mr Baptie fell off of his canoe in the middle of a game.”



“My first activity was abseiling which was ok because I am terrified of heights but I felt proud because I went to the very edge of the mountain. My next activity was gorge walking which I LOVED because I got to climb and got soaking wet.”

Lewis W