New Library Facebook Page

Libraries have been sharing a weekly programme of content for families, children and young people from the beginning of lockdown. The library Service has a new facebook page. Please see the details below. This aims to replicate what would be happening in our libraries.

We’re moving this content away from the main library Facebook page to a dedicated children and families area at

With a dedicated page we will be better able to engage and respond to enquiries making it easier for us to shape the content those using the page would like.


IMS Performance with RAF Music

I am sorry to send this so late on a Tuesday. On Thursday evening at 7.30pm we will hold a ‘Facebook Premiere’ event to showcase the Instrumental Music Services’ collaboration with RAF Music Service – an exclusive performance of ‘Lass of the Loch’. It would be much appreciated if you could share either the facebook or twitter links below through your school’s accounts to draw it to the attention your school community and as many people in East Lothian as possible.
This has been a great opportunity for all of our young musicians and we hope that everyone watching the performance on Thursday night enjoys their hard work, dedication and talent.
Best wishes,