Welcome to Primary 7!

Primary 7 is full of opportunities, hard working, fun, our next step to High School and full of friendly faces.

We started our year off with an amazing trip to Benmore. We learned how to be independent, how to work well in a group and encourage each other and not to be scared of the unknown. We came back from Benmore ready to use those skills in the classroom and have done so through all our curricular areas.

We are dedicated to our Vision, Values and Aims in Primary 7. #Grow! Create!Shine! Continue reading “Welcome to Primary 7!”

Pumpkin Parade

A massive well done to everyone who participated in the Pumpkin Parade last Tuesday.

All of your pumpkins looked amazing and we were blown away by your creativity! #GrowCreateShine

Here are some pictures that we managed to take along the way 🙂



Stoneyhill Blog and Newspaper Club

Thank you to all our hard working children that attended the first blog and newspaper club today.

After sharing lots of ideas and lots of deliberation the children decided to name our newspaper ‘The Stoneyhill Mini Mail’. This will share a collection of events, achievements and sporting news from across the school.

Look at the mind-map below to see some of the fantastic ideas they want to share with you.

Keep your eyes peeled for the new Stoneyhill Mini Mail page, coming soon on the website!!


P1-3 Hallowe’en Disco

A selection of photos from the P1-3 Hallowe’en disco. You won’t even be able to tell who is who, everyone looked so ghastly and scary!



Winners of one of the dances….

Winners of best costume….

Pumpkin Parade 31/10/2017

The Pumpkin Parade will begin on Tuesday 31st October. We will meet at the bus stop (Whitehill Farm Road ) at 8:35 am. The Pumpkin Parade will continue to the next stop at the Co-op ( Claykowes Avenue) at 8.35am

See you all there.


National Survey on the Expansion of Free Early Learning and Childcare in Scotland

As you’ll be aware the Scottish Government is planning to nearly double the hours of free early learning and childcare by 2020. Because the views of parents and carers are crucial for the success of this expansion, the Government has commissioned independent researchers to undertake a survey of parents. It is now asking for your help in sharing the survey link (www.bit.ly/elc-survey) with as many parents of 0-5 year old children in your community as possible.

All parents taking part will have the opportunity to be entered into a prize draw and have the chance to win one of 10 x GBP100 cash prizes.

The survey is carried out for the Scottish Government by Craigforth, an independent research company. If you have any questions about this survey please send a message to: survey@craigforth.co.uk

P6 learn about Blackhouses and Crofts

This week in Primary 6 we have been learning about Blackhouse and Crofts.  We created art work which showed a Blackhouse and then wrote some notes about them. 

We also had a visitor, Carl, who came in and did a session called Kid Fitz!  We had to challenge ourselves to see how many times we could skip, hula hooping and hurdle jumping.  We have been doing lots of work on concentration and memory including circle time games and Kim’s game.

“I loved making the Blackhouses because I love to create collages!” – Emily

“I enjoyed Kid Fitz because it was fun and challenging” – Amy N

“I liked P.E. with Mr Mourits because we were playing Netball and it was fun and challenging” – Jake

“I enjoyed P.E. with Mr Baptie because we played capture the flag – it was good fun!” – Lewis W.

Benmore Day 4

The final activities are completed, the pizza was yummy, the disco moves were epic and we have a bunch of rather exhausted children in their beds! We’ve had an excellent week here at Benmore! Can we rewind to the start of the week and do it all again?

See you all tomorrow! (Have the hot water on and the washing basket at the ready!)

Love from P7!

Benmore Day 3

Another activity packed day completed and we defintiely heard a buzz around the room at dinner time this evening! Lots of chat about our favourite activities (too many to choose from!) and funniest moments so far (Miss Blanchflower definitely didn’t capsize in kayaking yesterday and have to get a lift to shore on the back of Cameron’s kayak…poor Cameron)!

Teamwork has been a particular strength this year and each group has been telling stories about how they’ve been helping and encouraging each other to push themselves out of their comfort zones! Yay team!

The boys and girls have been taking their cleaning duties very seriously (take note parents!) and have been keeping the house clean and tidy; room inspection scores were on the up today and the competition is on for Thursday and Friday!

Mrs MaCartney gave us a surprise visit this morning and stayed for the day, joining different groups at their activities. She even got her wet shoes on and joined Miss Glissov’s group kayaking!

Sweet and sour chicken/vegetables with rice and arctic roll with peaches were on the dinner menu tonight. However, “don’t worry” you don’t have to take the sauce with the chicken nuggets!

This evening’s activity was an active game of cluedo where the children searched the house for clues to discover which instructor committed a terrible crime! We also had a music quiz and caught a glimpse of the dance moves in store for us during tomorrow night’s disco!

Sending love to all at home (2 more sleeps!)

Miss B, Mr B, Miss G, Miss W and P7

Benmore Day 2

Our first full day has been a blast here at Benmore. All the groups have been out enjoying morning and afternoon activities – everyone has had a super day and each activity seems to trump the previous! Only 7’s for dorm inspections this morning so plenty of room for improvement. Spag Bol for dinner with apple crumble for dinner…oh and gooey cookies for cake o’clock…we are not complaining about the food!! Everyone sends their love home,

The staff and P7 (they grow up so fast!)

Benmore Day 1

First day done and the kids are all fast asleep in their beds…or pretending to be! We have had an excellent day all round and the children have enjoyed settling into to their new doorms and exploring the centres grounds. Fish and chips for dinner so everyone managed to eat something. Our first full day of activities tomorrow so we are all looking forward to those,

Mr B, Miss G, Miss B, Miss W and P6

P5 2017-2018

Last week was another busy week in Primary 5.

‘I liked learning about colons. I also loved learning about John Muir,’ Ruby.

‘I loved going to the John Muir Museum,’ Nico.

‘I enjoyed the wildlife assembly,’ Ruby.

‘I enjoyed the assembly about wildlife,’ Sophie.

‘I absolutely loved going to Dunbar this week and learning all about John Muir,’ Eve.

‘I enjoyed writing about John Muir,’ Layla R.

‘I liked doing pneumatics,’ Ben F.


Only one comment this week…possibly because we have been so busy!

‘I loved taking part in the Daily Mile Challenge’, anonymous.

This week we have been learning to programme robots, creating pneumatic monsters, developing our team work skills on our trip to Broomlee, learning to use different strategies when adding and subtracting and so much more!

Below are some pictures of our week-

P.S for anyone who had their interest sparked by pneumatics (or pressure and forces in general) you may like this Youtube video



We have had another very busy week in Primary 5.

Some comments from the pupils:

‘I liked learning about John Muir’, Ben F.

‘I enjoyed doing the drama with Shonagh’, Eve.

‘I loved drama’, Ruby.

‘I liked BOSS CLUBS’, Ruby.

‘I really enjoyed Shonagh coming in’, anonymous.

‘I loved the daily mile challenge. We ran for one mile (3 times around the park)’, Nieve.

‘I liked maths this week’, Cerys.

‘I loved drama’, Cerys.

‘I liked applying for our classroom jobs and finding out what jobs we got’, Ruby.

‘I liked doing the daily challenge’, Zoe.

Below are some pictures of our week…

P5 have had another very busy week! We have been busy typing up our palm oil letters and sending these to companies through our school Google Mail accounts. We’ve also been creating 3D shapes from the nets of shapes. We designed our own Fairtrade chocolate boxes using these shapes. We also had our very own hockey tournament to put all the skills we have been developing into practice. We have also been busy baking, making toucan bookmarks, posters and lots more in preparation for our fundraiser for the Rainforest Alliance.  We are so proud that we managed to raise over £200 pounds for this amazing cause. We would like to say thank you to all parents for donations of books, baking and money. We appreciate it all!


We also enjoyed taking part in our Tough Mudder slot!

Some comments about our week-

‘I enjoyed Tough Mudder’, Bailey.

‘I liked playing 4 corners in PE’, Matthew.

‘I loved doing Tough Mudder’, Zoe.

‘I loved the Tough Mudder, making stuff for the bake sale and watching the film’, Ruby.

‘I enjoyed the film and Tough Mudder’, Layla R.

‘I loved Tough Mudder’, Amy.

‘I loved the Tough Mudder’, Nieve M.

‘I loved making the bookmarks’, Evie.

‘I loved the Tough Mudder’, Sophie M.

We’ve had a very busy week in Primary 5! We started of with a whole school conga and 1 mile run for Sport Relief. We then had a visit from Sally from Field to Fork to tell us all about Fairtrade products. We got to taste some Fairtrade chocolate and smoothies too.


We’ve been practising attacking and defending in hockey. We also had a brilliant trip to the Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh to find out more about tropical rainforests and trees in Scotland. What a week. We also have a busy week to look forward to next week.



Some comments about our week-

‘This week I liked learning about shape’, Ben L.

‘I liked filming our dramas’, Matthew.

‘I’ve learned more about shape’, Sophie.

‘I like the P4 assembly. I also liked making out anti-smoking dramas’, Faris.

‘I liked finishing our deforestation Powerpoints and showing them to the class’, Eve.

‘I liked filming the anti smoking videos’, Ben F.

‘I enjoyed showing the class our deforestation Powerpoint’, Layla F.

Below are some pictures from our week in school-

We have been learning about 3D shapes this week in maths-


The above link is a really good game which can be used to revise the properties of 3D shapes (only if you would like to and have the time to).



Some comments about our week in school-


‘I have enjoyed spying on the P4’s chicks. They are so cute’, Libby.

‘I loved the P1 assembly. It was adorable!’, Ruby.

‘ I LOVED maths this week’, Cerys.

‘I enjoyed watching the P1 assembly’, Ben L.

‘ I enjoyed creating our guidebooks to using apostrophe’s’, Jamie.

‘ Creating our PowerPoints was fun’, Sophie.

‘I liked the P1 Assembly’, Ben F.

‘ I enjoyed maths this wee because I really like multiplication and division!’, Layla R.

Below are some pictures from our week




Some pictures from our last term, 🙂




Wow! What a busy term. We have loved learning about the rainforest this term. We also loved putting on our assembly!


‘I liked our assembly’, Ben F.

‘I loved circle time’, Ben F.

‘I liked the Eggheads in our assembly’, Nico.




Last week was another busy week for Primary 5. We have been rehearsing to practise for the Christmas Show. We had a number of owls visit the school and got a chance to interact with these animals and ask lots of questions about them. We made short animations in our Cooperative Learning Groups. They are fantastic! We had lots of fun making them and learning about the whole animation process.


Some comments about our week-

“I like the school play rehearsals because I act,”. Libby

“I liked practising for the Christmas Show,”. EVE

“I liked doing the Words Wednesday activity this week,” Sophie.


We have had a busy few weeks. We have been learning how to create an animation. We have created a storyboard and have finished our set designs. We will be making our characters and filming our animations next week.


Last week we were thrilled to perform our ‘Shiko’ drumming and dance routines to the whole school. We were so lucky to part of this project!


Another busy week….


“I enjoyed doing our timelines in Lights, Camera, Action,”- Ruby.

“In music we nailed our song,” Libby.

“P5 did halving and doubling”.

“I liked maths this week,” -Evie.

“I loved the African drumming and dancing,”.

“I enjoyed doubling and halving in maths,” Layla R.

“I liked finishing our posters,”.

“I liked African drumming and dancing’ Chris.

“I liked learning our new spelling rule,”.

“I liked doing writing,”.


We have been very busy this week in p5.


Here are some comments about our week:


‘I loved the African drumming’. Faris


‘I love doing the African drums and dancing’. Ben F


‘ I like doing literal questions’. Chris


‘I liked circle time’ Ruby


‘I liked the African drumming and making my pronouns poster’. Jamie


‘I loved doing growth mind sets’. Libby


‘ I liked measurement on Tuesday’. Layla R


‘ I loved African drumming and I liked doing the pronouns posters’. Ben L


‘Doing our reach for the stars hands and stars’. Murray


‘I loved maths this week because I made mistakes and that is proof that I am learning’. Evie


‘I liked doing African dancing’. Eve


We have had another busy week in P5. Below are some comments about our week.


‘I enjoyed learning about our new topic’. Eve

‘I liked maths this week’ Cerys

‘In writing we have been using descriptive language and I always love it.’ Libby

‘I liked BOSS clubs’. Jamie

‘ I liked the African drumming’





P4 2017-2018

Tuesday 23rd April

Yesterday we took part in a Robo-Constructor workshop with Generation Science. We were given lots of cubelets to build our own robots and we had a great time.

Tuesday 20th March

We enjoyed our chair exercises today as our Sport Relief activity!

Friday 16th March

We were all really proud of our assembly this week. Lots of us really enjoyed singing the Food Chain song. Some of us liked the food chain game.

We all had good fun at the badminton festival. It was good to meet new friends, we enjoyed hitting the shuttlecock to the adults and throwing the beanbags over the net.

This week we started writing about ‘Chicken Run’ the pupils have made a really good start.

Friday 9th March

Yesterday the pupils had a great time making their chick houses. The finished articles are great and you will get to see some of these at the assembly next week.


Tuesday 6th March

The pupils were really excited yesterday to meet the chicks.  We have all enjoyed watching them eating and sleeping and playing. The pupils got the chance to hold the chicks.



Friday 2nd March

Due to the worsening road conditions yesterday Mr Gray didn’t think he would manage to open the school today so last night Mrs Melrose took the chicks home to her house to look after them over the weekend. All 9 chicks have hatched and are healthy. I have videos of them hatching to show you when we return to school. Here is one short video to keep you going over the weekend!

Thursday 1st March


Mrs Melrose has moved the chicks to the brooder now and they are happily exploring their new surroundings. We are still waiting for the last two eggs to hatch.

I spoke to Mrs Melrose this morning who said we now have 7 healthy chicks. She will be in school today and is going to move them to the brooder for us. I will keep you updated on how they are getting on! Here are some pictures for you just now so you know they are ok.


Here are the chicks this morning:

Wednesday 28th February 

Hope you all manage to get out and have some fun in the snow today! I hope we don’t miss all the chick hatching fun but by the time we are back to school we should definitely have some fluffy chicks to meet!

*Update- Mr Gray and Mrs Melrose have been looking after the chicks today. They have told me that 3 chicks have hatched and they are healthy. There are others starting to hatch- Mr Gray has tried to take a video for us. The chicks will be fine in the incubator until tomorrow and if I am not in school Mrs Melrose will move them to the brooder. It is a pity we are missing so much excitement but we will still have good time with the chicks once we are back. Take care at home P4 and enjoy the snow 🙂

Friday 23rd February

This week we were learning about connectives and we used these in some sentences. Here are two of our favourites:

“Mysteriously, the first boy was flying in a box whereas the second boy was flying without a box.” Sarah

“Swiftly, the massive fan was switched on therefore everything started to fly.” Aurla

Here are some pictures of us working with a partner on our connectives.

The pupils have started the chick topic with great enthusiasm.  So far they have been learning what makes something ‘living’ and have started to research different animal types in their cooperative learning groups.

Friday 16th February

I enjoyed swimming this week. Erin Louise and Aurla were Star Swimmers this week.

We had some student teachers from the Netherlands. They taught us some Dutch (Innes T really like this) Olivia remembered that in the Netherlands they don’t wear school uniform. Kenzie remembered that you have to stay in school til Primary 8. Erin remembered that they mostly use bikes to go around.

We did our talks this week- the pupils did really well, some fantastic talks which were well prepared. We all really enjoyed Kenzie’s talk as he took in his bearded dragon to show us!

Friday 2nd February

I enjoyed drawing and colouring the lilac-breasted rollers as part of our IDEA. Ellie

I am proud of how well I am doing in money in class. I can add 4 digits by 4 digits and work out change. Innes T

This week Miss Lamont came in and did French and Drama with us and I really enjoyed it. Olivia

I enjoyed Big Maths Beat That this week and moved on to a harder level. Ava


Monday 15th January 2018

The pupils really enjoyed our science lesson today. They had to try and make a paper clip float on water! Once they had successfully made one paper clip float they experimented to see how many they could get to float and what would happen if the shape of the paper clip changed. Some people were getting a bit frustrated when it wasn’t working!


Christmas Party

Tuesday 19th December

Primary 4 did an amazing job today teaching some of the younger class some science. Mrs McMath planned some ‘Christmas’ themed experiments which P4 carried out last week and then today they did them again with P2/3. P4 were really supportive and encouraging and very well organised. Well done P4!


Wednesday 13th December

Tucking in to our delicious Christmas dinner.


Tuesday 12th December

We had great fun today dissecting owl pellets. We were able to find lots of bones from the animals they owl had eaten and we tried to identify which animal bones they were using a chart.

Thursday 7th December

We had a really exciting visit today from Davie from ‘Owl Magic’. He brought in 7 owls to meet the children and he told us some really interesting information about the owls. Some pupils were lucky enough to get a chance to hold the owls.


Tuesday 5th December

This week P4 have been learning to dance!

We have been making up dances of our own in small groups and also the pupils have learned the Boston Two Step. They are picking it up quickly and seem to be enjoying it. Here are some photos of the class making up their own moves.


Wednesday 28th November

We had our little visitor in to see us again. Laia came to visit us and we had a discussion about baby development while they are growing inside their mum. We had some great questions from the pupils like:

Does the mum have to be really healthy when the baby is inside her? Is it painful when carrying the baby? Can you still work while you are pregnant?
We got to see Laia on her play mat too.

Monday 13th November

The pupils are hard at work on their Big Maths Beat That. Will today be the day the beat their best ever score?

Friday 10th November

I liked writing about the clip ‘Adventures are the Pits’ and I tried to use a lot of good words. Sarah

This week I got my highest score on Big Maths Beat That. Katrine

I am proud of my first creative homework ‘All About Me’. Holly

I liked doing RME this week and talking about values in our classroom. Matthew


Thursday 2nd November

The blue reading group were hard at work today writing sentences about their book.

Friday 27th October

Primary 4 all enjoyed the Halloween disco last night. We really liked the dancing and some of the games. 

We were proud this week that we got a positive referral for our writing. Libby and Innes.

We are looking forward to our new BOSS clubs.

We were writing about the video clip ‘Treasure’. Ava was proud of her writing.

We have been using Nessy lots this week to improve our reading.

Erin enjoyed finding fractions of amounts this week.



Friday 8th September

I enjoyed my new BOSS club ‘sports’- Dylan

Lots of us enjoyed Kitz Fit this week where Carl taught us how to be fit and healthy!

Sarah and Lucas were proud to get ‘Star Swimmer’ this week.

I was proud of my story writing this week- Ava

I enjoyed typing up my story- James.


Friday 1st September

We all really enjoyed making a computer game this week using scratch.

Another fun week of swimming ‘Max’

I was proud of myself at swimming because I was able to keep swimming round the pool ‘Sarah’

We made some posters about growth mindset ‘Matthew’

Some pupils were awarded a homework star certificate for excellent homework. Kenzie was proud of his.

I was proud of my writing this week. ‘James’


Friday 25th August

We have had a very busy week and a half back at school! We have started our mini topic of Robots and the pupils are enjoying it.

Here are some things we enjoyed:

Making the robots- Buddy and Erin

Using the Literacy Shed again- Aurla

Making a mnemonic for ‘again’- Ellie (ask me at home what it is)

Swimming- Kenzie

Here are some things we are proud of:

Libby, Grace, Sarah, Erin, Innes T, Innes W and Aurla have made it to the golden table since we came back 🙂

I was proud to get 22 dojo points- Innes W

I am proud I did joined writing- Jacob

I am proud I used bewildered and perplexed in my writing- Ava

P3.4 2017-2018

Owl Visit

This afternoon we had a talk from Owl Magic who are based in Kilmarnock.  They brought six owls to the school for us all to see. Some of us were even lucky enough to get to hold them.




Karate with CEK 

On 3 October we had Chris from Chris Ewing Karate visit us in school to teach us some cool karate moves.  We thoroughly enjoyed our time with Chris and I know that already some children in our class loved it so much that they are now attending his classes out of school.

We had a fantastic day out at Dynamic Earth on Thursday 21 September.  The children were so well behaved and I was extremely proud of them.  They were a credit to the school!

Here are some photos of our day.  We hope you enjoy looking at them.




P2.3 2017-2018

Welcome to Primary 2/3’s blog!

Throughout the year we hope to share what we have been learning and enjoying in Primary 2/3. The children love it when you leave a comment about their work and experiences. You are welcome to do this at the bottom of the page.


Friday 27th April 2018

What an exciting Science week we have had!

Friday 20th April 2018

We had a fantastic day at ‘Field to Fork’ at Hirsel Estate…

 Thursday 29th April 2018

Stoneyhill’s ‘muddy mudder’ 2018 was definitely the muddiest yet!

Friday 16th March 2018

A coach called Adam came to do some football with us. I really really really enjoyed the football. We did some warm up games and a football match. – Hamish

We have been making number bond towers using the Numicon.

We can count the holes to help us. The colours and the shapes help us too. – Clare

We have also been learning about money. Here we are making the same value in lots of different ways:

Friday 2nd March 2018

In gym we have been learning handstands and summersaults. I enjoy it and I’m getting better at it. – Jaimie-Lee

I like doing adding in maths. We are learning to use an empty number line. – Toby

Here are some photos of us making 3D shapes. We had lots of fun!


Friday 26th January 2018

Thanks to everyone who came to our Digital Literacy ‘Come Learn With Me’ yesterday, we hope you enjoyed it!

And thank you to all our volunteers for our craft morning today who helped us come up with  this wonderful masterpiece!!!!

Just look at how busy and concentrated we all were! We can’t wait to play in here next week!


Friday 22nd December 2017

Some photos from our Christmas parties… Merry Christmas everyone!

Thursday 7th December 2017

We had a very exciting visit today from ‘Owl Magic’. We learned lots of interesting facts about owls and some lucky children even got to hold the owls!

Guess what this little one was called!


Friday 24th November 2017

We ate space food this week! Food that astronauts eat in space has all the water taken out of it so it’s very light. We tasted chocolate chip ice cream! Yum!!!! Some of us thought it tasted like Maltesers…

I liked making a constellation telescope when we were learning facts about stars. I know that planets are brighter than stars. – Zoa

I liked making the telescope too. I learned that the sun is a star. – Max

A constellation is a group of stars that make one big picture. My telescope was a small bear constellation. – Poppy

I liked watching the drumming show by P5, P6 and P6/7. They did some funny dancing and I liked when they did their own beat on the drum and everyone else copied them. – Rory

I like reading books with the Primary 6s this week. – Clare and Sophie

I liked doing a ‘time hunt’ in our classroom. We were learning about half past and o’clock on a digital clock. – Yona

I liked writing facts about the stars. – Ella

Friday 10th November 2017

Here we are all wearing something blue for anti-bullying week:

We did a science experiment on Wednesday to observe how our shadows changed during the day. One person had to stand on the same spot at 9 o’clock, 10 o’clock and 11 o’clock and the other person had to draw around the first person’s shadow. We noted where the sun was and wrote down the time inside our shadows.

Sun at 9 o’clock              Sun at 10 o’clock          Sun at 11 o’clock

Our findings…. 

We know how to explain these findings by describing what a shadow is and linking our findings to what we are learning about the Earth and the sun. Even though it looks like the sun is moving, we know that it is actually the Earth that moves!

I liked making a chalk picture of Earth, the sun and the moon. – Rory

I liked playing Jungle Run at my BOSS club – Caitlin

I’ve never tried throwing the ball in a basket before and it was really hard for me but I nearly got it in. I’ll try again soon. – Quinn

I liked learning about telling the time. I liked playing ‘guess my time’ with the little clocks. – Poppy

I have never bounced a basketball so fast before. I was getting better at it. – Ella

I liked going to the library on Monday. Sophie

I liked playing in our new ‘space station’. I liked looking at the space samples and there was meteors! – Rory

We liked playing a new counting game on the computers at morning starter. It was Topmarks blast off. –Zoa and Imogen

Friday 3rd November 2017

We all had lots of fun at our ‘Space’ craft morning. A huge thank you to the parent volunteers for their amazing ideas, resources, time and effort! We can’t wait to play in our cool space station next week…

Wednesday 4th October 2017

As part of our Safari topic we have been learning about predators and prey, as well as how some animals use camouflage to hide from predators. We did a science experiment where we had to pretend to be birds (predators) looking for prey (worms).

Here are our results:

Worms found in the first round…

Worms found in the second round…

Maybe someone from our class could explain these results to you at home!

Tuesday 3rd October 2017

We had a karate taster session today, check out our high kicks!


Friday 8th of September 2017

I won a certificate at my BOSS club. I did lots of races like hopping and running. – Adam

I liked making a superhero in art this week. – Ella

I liked making a bar chart this week. It showed how many people in our class like Pirates. – Toby

I liked learning French this week. We are starting to learn the colours. I can remember ‘bleu’ for blue. – Imogen

I learned how to do an animation in my BOSS club – Connor

I liked playing Boggle this week. I looked for real words and nonsense words. – Zoa

I enjoyed making a bar chart about what girls and boys in our class liked. – Poppy

I liked making the superhero city in art this week. – Rory