P2 2017-2018

Friday 27th April

P2 have LOVED STEM week. Can they remember what STEM stands for?

Aria: I love learning about our Farm topic.

Blair: I’ve loved this whole term so far, especially the choosing stations in class and the art work.

Cruz: I liked learning about oilseed rape. It is so yellow!

Oliver: I loved making the robot with Adam,  and making it move.

Ally: I liked making the pneumatic monster.


Friday 20th April

Welcome back!

Primary 2 have had an awesome first week back. We all loved our trip to the Hirsel Farm, on Tuesday. Thank you so much to all the parent helpers who came or offered to help. Here are some of the highlights:

Oliver: We learned that barley has a long beard.

Emma: Bean seeds are very big.

Leo: I made healthy pizzas.

Glen:  My favourite thing was the big bull, he was called Alexander.

If you, or anyone you know, has any skills relating to our new Farm to Fork IDEA, and would like to come in and share it with P2, please get in touch. This could be knowledge or skills relating to farms, fields, farm machinery, animals, farm produce etc or maybe you would like to come in and do some cooking or baking with us? We will be thinking about the journey our food makes from it’s source to arriving on our plate, and all the stages along the way.

CHALLENGE: Ask your child to name each of the crop seeds above. What can they tell you about the crops? Answers will be posted next week!


Friday 23rd February

Primary 2 have had a busy start to the new term. They would like to tell you some of the things we have done this week.

For Fitness Friday this week we went into the nice sunshine to use the trim trail. It was scary to cross the mountain. I thought I would fall in!- Weronika

We had a visitor in class. It was Aria’s baby sister, Adelie (and her mum). We learned about the things she needs. – Nathan

We had great fun making our fairy tale projects at home, and then sharing them with other classes in school. They all really enjoyed it. – Sophia W

We have been learning about 3D shapes. We could play a ‘hunt the 3D shape’ game at home- ask me how! – Blair 

In co-operative learning, we have been learning about friendship and to say nice things. – Emma

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Tuesday 20th February

Well done P2!! Your IDEA homework projects are fantastic. All so creative, all so unique. You must have worked so hard on them (parents too). We shared them in class today, and will be sharing them with some other classes in the school over the next few days.

Thank you all for the effort.

9th February 2018

This week we have been writing about wooden shoes. Ask me about my story!

My shoes were magic shoes! My shoes took me to another land and made me invisible. I found some bats and it made me lose a life!                                                                                           Oliver

In maths we have been doing adding. We have been using the hundred square.                                                                                     Freya

In phonics we have been playing games. Our sounds this week are ‘sk’ and ‘k’.                                                                                      Mason

In PE we were doing some gymnastics. We tried handstands! We were balancing on benches and doing forward rolls. It was lots of fun! Aria

We had visitors from The Netherlands in our class this week. They speak Dutch and they were teaching us some. We sang heads, shoulders , knees and toes in Dutch! We also drew a picture of ourselves.

We had a special assembly this week from the NSPCC. We learnt how to stay safe and what to do if we are worried about something. We also met their mascot, a speech bubble called Buddy.

We also watched the P5 assembly. It was all about the rainforest. We liked the Eggheads!

Please leave us a comment!

Have a lovely holiday week!




There will be no new homework for P2 this week. Please use the time to work on your fairy tale homework, that is due in on Tuesday 20th February.


Mrs McMath

P1 2017-2018

Welcome to Primary 1’s blog!

Throughout the year we hope to share what we have been learning and enjoying in Primary 1. The children love it when you leave a comment about their work and experiences. You are welcome to do this at the bottom of the page.

Friday 4th May

What a busy few weeks back we’ve had!

We are loving our new minbeast topic and have been exploring our play areas in the classroom and enjoying lots of minibeast adventures outside. We’ve been having great fun!

We have been doing lots of work in science over the past couple of weeks.

We kicked off science week with a visit from generation science and it was all about computer programming with lego. We had to make our own goalie out of lego and programme them to save the goals! We had to make sure the instructions were clear and concise so that it worked properly. It was brilliant!

Primary 6 ran an amazing science fair that we got to explore and we loved seeing all the different experiments they had set up!

We’ve also been busy making slime with primary 6 too!

We finished off STEM week with our science come learn! We made lava lamps with our visitors and they looked amazing! We were predicting what was going to happen and observing the changes that took place!

Have a lovely holiday weekend! 🙂

Friday 20th April

I liked playing with the compost in our small world area – carrick

I loved having gym outside – lewis

I liked having the races outside for gym – isla

I liked playing in our new minibeast investigation lab – josh

I liked using the shovels and forks in the dirt with the bugs – caelan

I liked using the minibeast stencils to draw pictures – maxi

I loved reading this week because I got a new book – ella-jane

I have loved the start of our new topic – hollie

I liked using the laptops to play maths games – harvey

Friday 16th March

This half term we have been learning all about castles! We have learned why castles were built, who lived in them and what jobs they did, all about knights and what happened at a medieval banquet. Miss Herkes set up lots of castle themed play areas in the classroom for us to explore! We’ve had great fun playing with them!

In maths we have been looking at 2D shapes and linked this to our IDEA. We used these different 2D shapes to create our own shape castles! They all looked amazing!!

As part of our IDEA we have also been looking at push and pull forces to hopefully help us make a moving drawbridge on our castle model. We worked with our talking partners to decide which pictures needed a pull force and which needed a push force to make them work! We did a great job!

World book day was put on hold due to the snow however we managed to hold it when we got back and what a lovely afternoon we had. Miss Herkes was super impressed with all our outfits and we had a great time reading stories with P6/7. We even got some milk and cookies to enjoy during it too!

Last Thursday we had our class assembly.  We shared all the learning we had done with our topic Castles with the school and our families. Miss Herkes was really proud of all of us! We all worked so hard to learn our lines and songs. Thank you to our fantastic audience for coming along to watch 🙂

Friday 9th February

Wow, what a busy half term it has been! We’ve got lots of new things to share with you!

In gym, we have been learning lots of skills in gymnastics. We have been using different apparatus to help us with rolling, balancing and flight. We have been doing forward rolls, teddy bear rolls, bunny hops, pencil rolls and handstands. The teddy bear rolls were really tricky but we never gave up and now we have improved so much!!

In maths this term we have been learning how to measure things. We have been weighing and measuring different objects in the class. We have also been learning about heavier, lighter, longer and shorter.

We now know our number bonds to 10! We like to use the numicon to show the different ways we can make 10!

In phonics we have learning lots more tricky words. Miss Herkes gives us lots of games and activities to do to help us learn them. This week we were painting them with cotton buds. We had lots of messy fun!

In health and wellbeing we have been talking about bucket filling and bucket dipping. In primary 1 we are all fantastic at filling each others buckets. We like to say nice things to each other and can play nicely. We had a little think about the things we do to fill peoples buckets and Miss Herkes displayed our brilliant writing on the wall.

Friday 22nd December

The highlight of our week has to be our Christmas Party! We played lots of party games, ate some yummy food and we even got a visit from SANTA!! Fun was had by all 🙂 P6 also came along on Tuesday and helped us to make some lovely Christmas cards.

Friday 15th December

We’ve had our Science hats on this week! We have been dissecting owl pellets with the help of P6. We were able to tell what the owls had been eating by identifying the bones we found! Some of us were a bit unsure at the start but we all had a turn and loved it!

Friday 8th December

Yesterday we had a visit from Owl magic! Davie brought lots of different owls to show us and it rounded off our IDEA of day and night very nicely.

We learned some more facts about owls and even got to hold them! We were really brave!!

Friday 24th November

“I enjoyed doing gymnastics.” Tegan

“I enjoyed building words with the sh sound on magnetic boards” Ella-Jane

“I like learning facts about owls in our IDEA. My favourite fact was learning that they cant move their eyes.” Isla

“I like making my moon out of puffy paint.” Lewis

“I liked making my collage of an owl.” Emily

“I’ve enjoyed learning my doubles.” Brodie

“I liked making our paper chains to show what a double looked like” Hollie

“I liked writing some facts about owls. I remembered all my finger spaces!” Dylan

Friday 10th November

“I enjoyed making my star with paint and glitter. I found out that the stars look really small because they are far away.” Carrick

“I liked jumping off the spring board in gymnastics.” Emily

“I loved learning the song for our ‘v’ sound.” Zac

“I liked learning the doubles song in maths!” Jenna

“I enjoyed building lots of words on the magnetic boards.” Ella-Jane

“I liked giving my partner tricky numbers on the number fan to double.” Maxi

“I liked practising our song for the Christmas show.” Ava

“I liked having assembly this week.” Tegan

Friday 3rd November

Miss Herkes has been super impressed with our word building skills this week! We are using all the sounds we know to build CVC words. We need to think about what sound is at the start, middle and then the end! 🙂

Friday 27th October

It’s been a busy first week back after the holidays in Primary 1!

We had a visit from Catriona and Pamela who were teaching us some gymnastics skills. They will be with us for the next 5 Thursday’s. Today we were learning lots of different ways to balance! Have a look at our pictures. We had great fun 🙂


We’ve also been learning to add in maths and have been using the Numicon to help us. We’ve started our new IDEA ‘Day and Night’ and have had fun exploring the new Halloween areas in the classroom!

Friday 13th October

This week we had a visit from Stephanie who gave us a workshop on the story ‘Giraffe’s Can’t Dance.’ Gerald the Giraffe doesn’t think he can dance as his neck is too long and his legs are too skinny however after some good advice he manages to do it! We learned how to do the tango, cha cha and a waltz. We loved it!

We have been learning that we never give up and if there’s something that’s a little tricky, we keep trying!

Friday 6th October

This week we had a visit from Chris Ewing who gave us a Karate taster. We had a great time. Have a look at our pictures.




Levenhall Consultation

The Consultation Report on the Proposed closure and re-designation of Levenhall Nursery School to Pinkie St Peter’s Primary School Nursery Class, is now available on the Consultation Hub.  Parents of pupils who may attend Levenhall/Pinkie within 2 years of this proposal are classed as “Statutory Consultees” and therefore need to be made aware of this report.  
The report can be accessed on this link, and appears towards the end of the page.  It is titled “Levenhall Nursery Consultation Report”.
East Lothian Council will consider this proposal at the meeting on 27 June.

Anti-Bullying Workshops

Anti-Bullying Workshops

respectme, the Scottish National Anti-bullying Service has offered to deliver 2 additional Parent Workshops in East Lothian.

The content will cover:

  • Distinguishing between what bullying behaviour is and what it is not
  • Exploring the latest research in Scotland on online bullying and face to face bullying
  • Identifying what parents can do to deal with bullying behaviour
  • Understanding what to do if your child is bullying someone else
  • Exploring how to help to create environments where bullying cannot flourish

These will take place on Wednesday 26th April 2017, 12.30-2.30pm at the Nungate&Haddington Community Centre and 6.30-8.30pm at Knox Academy in Haddington.  We can offer 40 places on each workshop so they will be available on a first come, first serve basis. If interested please e-mail anti-bullying@eastlothian.gov.uk stating what time you would like to attend.