Junior Road Safety Officers

Hello and welcome to the JRSO webpage.

This year’s JRSO are Isla, Anna, Josh, Lois, Emily and Samantha. They have already made a fantastic start in their role by organising a Pumpkin Walk to School on Halloween!

I’m sure you’ll have a busy and exciting year promoting road safety!
Mrs Taylor


Tuesday 7th January 2014

Happy New Year from the JRSO. We met today to plan some exciting new events. We would like to hear your thoughts about them;

JRSO – The musical – P.7 are working with Mrs Roberts and Mrs Taylor to create a production about road safety. The show is aimed at 3-7 year olds and we hope to perform the musical at Easter time. If the show is well received, we hope to take it on tour to other schools in East Lothian!

Look out for a competition coming soon.

Please check our Notice Board as we are giving it a make over.

Isla, Samantha, Anna, Emily, Josh and Lois


JRSO Meeting – Tuesday 7th January 2014


Present – Mrs Taylor, Josh, Isla, Emily, Anna and Samantha



January-March – P.7 have a double music slot on a Monday from 10.45-12.15 with Mrs Roberts and Mrs Taylor to work on their JRSO musical. We aim to perform it to the school before the Easter holidays.


We are looking out for any national competitions that come into school.


After Easter;


In school competition (ideas such as creating a verse for a JRSO school song…)


Whole school Assembly with JRSO input


Use ‘Go Safe With Ziggy’ website and activities with Early Years (JRSO going into class)



Application forms out to P.6

Interviews arranged and held by current JRSO


To Do – re fresh notice board (JRSO bright letters, display Road Safety Resolutions).


10 Replies to “Junior Road Safety Officers”

  1. i am here just tell u that you MUST remember to stay safe on the road also we hope you will attend the pumpkin parade remember to bring a pumpkin

  2. Have a great Christmas everyone and remember its getting dark earlier so be careful near the roads. We are preparing something great for you after the new year but you’ll have to wait.
    Have a great holiday and stay safe 🙂

  3. We would just like to say that we have many huge ideas for the new year. We will keep you posted on this page. Keep your eyes open for great events on their way in 2010!

  4. Hope the P1-3s enjoyed the truck on Monday. There will we pics on this page soon, so keep an eye out!

  5. I’ve had a great time being a JRSO thanks Mrs Taylor. Good luck to next year’s JRSO!!!!

  6. Hiya!
    Just like to say thanks to Mrs Taylor for last year. It was great! And new JRSO members you’ll love being in the JRSO!

  7. Hi I use to go to stony hill I now go to Macmerry
    But I still miss you very much and I miss my friends even
    More so thank you for being the best school

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