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Playground pals 2012

 Hello from the new Playground Pals of 2012.

The new Playground Pals are Ryan Scott , Emma, Katie, Siri, Daniel , Liam , Ross , Ryan Moir , Aimee , Sammy , Amy , Blair , Alex , Neve , Erin , Kirsty.

This year we want to make playground pals fun and enjoyable for all ages.

We have made ourselves a remit of what we would like to show in the playground.

We have created a timetable of which class gets a shot and when, which you can see on our notice board.

Another option for the children to join in with is games separate from the equipment for example Duck Duck Goose or Hot Chocolate which we will be starting up after the February break.

Another thing we will be starting next term is class of the month you could win this by

  • Showing respect for the equipment
  • Being kind to others
  • Helping tidy up the equipment
  • Listening to your peers and PALS

We would love to hear what we could do for you in the playground, so please send in your comments.


6 Replies to “Playground Pals”

  1. I loved being a playground pal in p7 and i do hope that the playground pals are having as much fun this year as i did 2 years ago.

  2. i would like playground pals to be more fun cause i dont enjoy playing with some of the equipment i only like playing with the hula hoops and the frog toys

    thanks anyway 🙂

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