Pupil Council

Pupil Council 2013/14 elections coming soon!

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  1. The pupil council is fun. Shame we had to cancel our last meeting. I’m looking forward to the next meeting. Hopefully we can get our form for the Marie Curie pots of care in at the next meeting.
    Eilidh (p7)

  2. Hey Eilidh here!!
    I miss being in the pupil council. Especially as we didn’t really manage to fit in verry many meetings. I am in second year now and didn’t get the chance to put my self forward for the pupil council here. But theres still next year and the year after atleast.. Congratulations to the council this year and i hope you are having great fun with Mrs Taylor and are doing great thingd to help the school.
    Bye Eilidh xx

  3. Suggestion: Perhaps have an online shop so that parents can order school uniform (poloshirts, jumpers etc.) as and when needed , rather than wait until october or april for the “order form”.

    Ciaran 😛

  4. proud of being in the playground when i was at primary it was the year we brought in the playground equipment but had fun

  5. I find it really fun being a pupil council rep for my class this year xx

    Anna Primary 6 🙂

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