Stoneyhill Parent Council

Stoneyhill’s Parent Council represents the parents of all pupils of the school.  The Parent Council works with parents, staff and the wider community, and fundraises to the benefit of all Stoneyhill pupils.

All parents, carers and individuals with a connection to the school are very welcome to join the group.  The remit of the Parent Council is set out in our constitution:  Constitution-for-stoneyhill-parent-council

For further information please email: or see our Facebook page: Stoneyhill PS Parent Council.

Parent Council Meetings

Anyone who has or cares for a child attending this school is very welcome to attend any meeting, or to add to the agenda.  If you would like to add to a future agenda or would like to receive meeting papers by email, please contact us via

Future Meeting Dates

The planned schedule for Parent Council meetings for the 2022/23 school year is as follows.  Details will be shared by email and on our Facebook page.

  • [no July or August meetings]
  • Annual General Meeting (AGM), September 2023 (date to be confirmed)

Meeting dates for the 2023/24 school year will be set after the Parent Council AGM in September 2023.

General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR):  The Parent Council’s Data Handling policy can be viewed here Stoneyhill PS PC Data Handling Policy.

Note this policy was reviewed and agreed at the Parent Council AGM on 14 September 2022.

Minutes of Previous Meetings

If you are interested in seeing a particular set of minutes that are not saved here, we’ll be happy to provide these on request.  Please email

Please click on the following link to view the latest minutes:

7 June meeting minutes pending approval

Parent Council – Minutes – 3 May 2023

[no April 2023 meeting]

Parent Council – Minutes – 22 March 2023

Parent Council – Minutes – 8 February 2023

Parent Council – Minutes – 11 January 2023

[no December 2022 meeting]

Parent Council Minutes – 16 November 2022

Parent Council Minutes – 12 October 2022

Parent Council Minutes – 14 September 2022 – AGM

(note there was no meeting in July or August 2022)

Parent Council minutes -15 June 2022

Parent Council minutes – 4 May 2022

(note there was no April 2022 meeting)

Parent Council minutes – 16 March 2022

Parent Council minutes – 9 February 2022

Parent Council Minutes – 12 January 2022

(note there was no December 2021 meeting)

Parent Council Minutes – 3 November 2021 minutes

Parent Council Minutes – 6 October 2021

Parent Council Minutes – AGM – 1 September 2021

(note no meetings in July or August)

Parent Council Meeting – 2 June 2021

Parent Council Minutes – 12th May 2021

Parent Council Meeting – 31 March 2021

Parent Council Minutes – 3 March 2021

Parent Council Minutes – 3 February 2021

Parent Council Minutes – 13 January 2021

Parent Council Minutes – 2 December 2020

Parent Council Minutes – 4 November 2020

Parent Council minutes 7 October 2020

Parent Council AGM Minutes September 2020

(note there were no meetings in July or August 2020)

Parent Council Minutes 24th June 2020

Parent Council Minutes – 10th June 2020

(note there were no April or May 2020 meetings)

Parent Council minutes – 4 March 2020

(note, there was no February 2020 meeting)

Parent Council minutes – 15 January 2020

Parent Council Minutes – 4 December 2019

Parent Council Minutes – 13 November 2019

Parent Council Minutes – 2 October 2019

Parent Council Minutes – AGM – 4 September 2019

Parent Council Minutes – 5 June 2019

Parent Council Minutes – 1 May 2019

Parent Council Minutes – 3 April 2019

Parent Council Minutes – 6 March 2019

[note there was no meeting in February 2019]

Parent Council Minutes – 16 January 2019

Parent Council Minutes – 5 December 2018

Parent Council Minutes – 7 November 2018

Parent Council Minutes – 3 October 2018

Parent Council AGM – 5 September 2018 – Minutes

Parent Council Minutes – 6 June 2018

Parent Council Minutes 9 May 2018

Parent Council Minutes 18 April 2018

Parent Council Minutes 28 March 2018

Parent Council minutes 7 March 2018

Parent Council Minutes, meeting 7 February 2018

Parent Council Minutes, meeting 21 January 2018

Parent Council Minutes, 6 December 2017

Parent Council Minutes 8 November 2017

Parent Council Minutes 4 October 2017

Annual General Meeting Minutes 6 September 2017

Parent Council Minutes 7 June 2017

Parent Council Minutes 3 May 2017

Parent Council Minutes 29 March 2017

Parent Council Minutes 1 March 2017

Parent Council 1 February 2017

Parent Council 18 January 2017

Minutes of Stoneyhill PS Parent Council AGM 2016

Minutes Archive:

SC Min 1006 final v2

Minutes AGM 10 September 2014

 Minutes 11 June 2014

Minutes 12 March 2014

Minutes 12 March 2014

Minutes 29 Jan 2014

Stoneyhill Annual Report Academic Year 2012-2013

30 October 2013

Stoneyhill School Council 28 August 2013

Stoneyhill School Council 5 June 2013


Minutes March 2013

Minutes September 2012

Minutes June 2012

Minutes April 2012

Minutes February 2012

Minutes November 2011

Minutes September 2011

Minutes May 2011

Minutes February 2011

Minutes September 2010


Minutes May 2010

Minutes March 2010

Minutes of November Meeting 2009

Minutes of June Meeting 2009

Minutes of May 2009

Minutes December 2008

Minutes September 2008

Stoneyhill School Council Report 2007/2008

Minutes June 2008

Minutes May 2008 

Minutes March 2008

Minutes January 2008

Minutes October 2007

Minutes September 2007

PFG Minutes


10 Replies to “Stoneyhill Parent Council”

  1. You should all have received two update e-mails following on from the meeting on Thursday. I have had some difficulty in reading some details and if you have not received any e-mail could you send your correct details to me at

    I am handing in another 89 letters to haddington today. Don Ledingham is apparently “on our side” and it has been suggested that he may make a “global” response which could be placed on the school website. I would, following feedback received for parents, propose that this course of action , IN THIS INSTANCE ONLY is acceptable. However there are those parents who have added comments to the letter or indeed who have written their own letters who should still receive individual replies. Parents have taken the trouble to write and a reply should be expected. It is important to show the strength of feeling of the parent body and it appears as if notice has been taken at the Council.
    Following the meeting the MSP has been in correspondence showing suport, the Scotsman had a piece in the education supplement on Wednesday 23rd and two School Councils have contaced me to get advice on how to galvanise their parents into similar action.
    I thank you all once again for the incredible response generated and the School Council will continue to press our case for no cuts at Stoneyhill.

    adrian stott

  2. Next school council meeting at Thursday 15th May 2008 at 7pm.
    Any items for agenda to be e-mailed to

    I would like to remind parents of the school policy regarding raising items of concern. In the first instance parents should telephone the school and ask to speak to the class teacher or the DHT and HT.
    Any items which the parent body would like raised at SC level should be via e-mail to either me or the school.

    We will contine to press Haddington re cuts imposed at 1.5% in year 1 and 2.25% in years 2 and 3, which will still have an effect on staffing and resources.

    adrian stott
    chair SC

  3. I would like to extend an invitation to all parents and carers who could offer a particular skill set or have an interest or hobby which they feel may be of interest and benefit to the children or the school.
    Examples could be some one who plays an instrument, does gardening, keeps reptiles etc.
    The aim would be to compile a list of people willing to help on an as and when basis and would in no way tie you in to a long term committment.

    please advise by contacting me on

    adrian stott

  4. On behalf of the School Council I woull like to extend a huge thank you to all parents of new P1 pupils who attended the induction this morning. It was nice to meet you and to have the opportunity to outline the basic workings of the SC. I hope that some, if not all of you, will actively contribute to the smooth running of the school.

    adrian stott

  5. The first meeting of the new school year will take place on the 11th September 2008. I would like to extend a huge welcome to ALL parents to attend what will be a very short meeting followed by refreshments and a chance to have an informal chat with the School Council.
    The Parents and Friends Group play an enormously important part in the school life, and its activities are mainly in the fund raising area. They are an integral part of the School Council and are always looking for parents to help out either on a one -off or more frequent basis. Members of the group will be in attendance at the meeting.
    The first meeting will give Parents an opportunity to raise any issues or concerns and will help to shape the way future meetings are arranged . There will also be the opportunity to view the annual feedback document which informs the parent body of the happenings and achievements of the School Council over the past academic year .

    Please feel free to contact me on 07860210757 ( during work hours)or 0131 653 6904( after 7pm)

    Adrian Stott

  6. Thank you to all who attended the SC meeting last Thursday. It was an informal introduction to the workings of the SC and it is hoped that we can continue to attract parents to attend in future.
    The next meeting date will be announced shortly.
    The Sc would also like to congrtulate all involved in gaining Health promotion status.

    adrian stott

  7. Next meeting to be held on thursday 11th december at 7.15pm. all welcolm and wine to be served.
    We hope to continue to put pressure oh ELC re school cuts and will take soundings as to how to proceed. Please attend if possible.

    adrian stott


    It has been announced that the predicted budget cuts are now to be substantially reduced in their impact on the school to such an extent that there should now be no surplus staffing declared for the next financial year and this will allow our children to further develop in a climate of continuity and stability.

    I would like, on behalf of the parent body, to thank all of you who took the time to write to Haddington on this matter and we have had it confirmed by our Councillor, that parent power has made a difference.


  9. The following is intended for anonymous publication, since it will no doubt apply to more than just ourselves.
    June 15, 2009

    We wanted to write to thank the teachers and all staff at Stoneyhill nursery.
    for the dedicated care of the youngsters coming under their supervision – in our case
    over several years, since we have had two grandchildren fortunate enough to
    have been pupils there.

    Now that the final term for the younger one is drawing to a close, it is
    time to say how much we appreciated the instruction and learning both
    youngsters have enjoyed and to express our confidence that it will prove a
    sold foundation for their future development in school and beyond. We believe that the
    good citizenship training they’ve received at Stoneyhill will remain as they grow up.

    Apart from day to day classroom work, we also enjoyed having glimpses of them
    taking part in special events and outings which must have involved
    many hours of preparation and planning to ensure a safe outcome. How fortunate we / the parents
    / the youngsters are to have been able to rely on such
    commitment to those young minds developing under your care. We
    were always confident that leaving the children in your care meant they
    would be treated with professional attention and consideration at all
    times. The happy relationships they both built up with yourselves and the other nursery
    children stand as a credit to the dedicated input from their teachers.

    We were privileged to have enjoyed this experience
    and wish you and your colleagues every success as you help new generations
    of youngsters in the years to come.

    With sincere thanks,

    “Grateful grandparents”

  10. Can I thank on behalf of the School Council , all who have contibuted to the running of the school over the past year. Please feel free to drop in to any of the meetings held or to offer your services on an ad hoc basis. All help and support is appreciated.

    The SC aims to have 2 parent representatives from each class and vacancies are available. Should you wish to become involved and to have a say in how the school operates and to have a more direct input into your child/childrens experience in the school, please contact me on either or

    adrian stott

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