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After an in-service I did in November on Assessment and Dyslexia, several people thought it would be helpful to meet occasionally to share ideas/case studies to support each other.

The one this term was on Friday 26 Jan.  The next will be on 18th May @ St Gabriel’s Primary School, 1.30 – 3.

It was gratifying to welcome 10 people at the January get together. This included 2 class teachers and one teaching head.

Part of the intention was to make some sort of social network and there was certainly a lot of chat along with the chocolate biscuits.

However, we also discussed specific issues:

  • SQA Alternative Assessment Arrangements – referred to in an earlier post;
  • Agreement with the principles of formative assessment, but some unhappiness with the work overload implications;
  • SfL teachers also felt that the burden of paperwork sometimes distracted from the ‘real’ job of teaching;
  • The Aberdeen model of a network support for learning team – based in a secondary school with SfL teachers covering both sectors.

At our next meeting we plan to address the teaching of reading for those who struggle. We shall bring examples of resources we like and suggestions about methodology.

It would be great to have an even larger group to work collaboratively. I’d be grateful to hear if you plan to attend – just so I can get more biscuits and ensure there are enough chairs. And thanks to Irena for offering her wonderful new room at St. Gabriel’s. Hope to see you there.

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