In service Day

I spent an interesting morning with the Outreach Teachers from the Inclusion and Equality Department, at Prestonpans Education Centre. The morning’s schedule was busy. First up was a session on the use of Digital images using iPhoto, with discussion on how the use of Digital Images could enhance the work with pupils who have Additional Support Needs.

The next slot was about Video Interactive Guidance, which was delivered by Penny and Hilery who have been taking part in this project. They explained that a short video is taken of a pupil interacting with a teacher. The footage is then played back to the teacher by her ‘mentor’ to inform practice. The ‘feedback session’ is also filmed so that the ‘mentor’ can receive feedback on her approach.

An interesting discussion took place about several blog posts within Exc-el, John Lewis was mentioned several times, and, also the blog ‘Support For All’ raised some interesting issues for discussion.

A walk round the new ‘build of software applications’ that we have on our ibooks and PCs in primary schools took place with particular emphasis on applications which could enhance the learning of those who have additional support needs.

We had an update on GLOW within East Lothian from two of our Mentors who are part of the Outreach Team, before the final session on Policy Documents.

All in all a very informative and interesting morning

3 thoughts on “In service Day

  1. We also talked about who should have access to this Blog. I had some thoughts and came up with several. If we open it to parents and staff then we are seen to be open and approachable for discussion. Parents may generate discussion and may have strong views that do not necessarily tie in with our policies, but this may give a positive forum for dialogue. It should be open to all staff anyway as we support schools as outreach staff. Someone voiced the idea that we may express opinions that may be unhelpful for parents to hear and I wondered if a disclaimer could be added to say this was just a discussion and ideas Blog. I have very close links with families and do not have a problem about being open and if necessary frank in my views. What do other people think?

  2. I agree with Eleanor.

    Uncomfortable things may be posted – but these, after all, are being said in staffrooms and at school gates anyway. Better to have an open discussion of issues that bother people – parents or teachers – and help to clarify policies and procedures; always with caveats that every situation is different, every child’s needs unique.

    Unless concerns and fears are articulated, they can fester and acquire disproportionate significance.

    I have confidence that we can all monitor the blog for any inaccuracies and misconceptions that may be voiced; as well as provide a context for increased openness and understanding between all of us who care about those children and young people with additional needs.

  3. We need to open up to the people we serve. As long as we don’t betray confidential information or talk in a derogatory manner about any person I can’t see a problem with being as open as possible.

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