Publication: Books For All: Accessible Curriculum Materials For Pupils with Additional Support Needs
The Scottish Executive has published a report relating to accessible curriculum materials for pupils with additional support needs
The Books for All project investigated the need for and availability of learning resources in accessible forms for pupils in Scotland who have print disabilities
The project found that availability of books and other resources in Braille, Large Print and audio formats, for the relatively small number of blind and partially-sighted pupils, while not complete, was good, in comparison to the availability of accessible books for the much larger number of pupils with physical disabilities, specific learning difficulties, learning difficulties, or hearing impairment. These pupils may require, for example, adapted printed materials, digital versions that can be accessed by switch or read out by a computer, audio recordings, or signed multimedia resources.

Dyslexia at Transition
This website is being developed as a result of the Dyslexia at Transition DVD
which was launched by Sir Jackie Stewart on May 30th 2007 in Edinburgh.
Every school in Scotland will receive a copy of the DVD and a series of Road shows
is currently being arranged for session 07/08 to introduce authorities to the DVD
and offer teachers some ‘hands on’ experience of the disc and its potential.

Dyslexia and ICT Support Pack for Primary Schools

This pack has been designed to give advice and to assist Support for Learning staff in primary schools
in dealing with the issue of Dyslexia and the use of ICT.
Included in the pack are some tools available to use with the dyslexic learner and
help on how to use applications, which are already installed on computers within schools. 
The packs will be distributed to primary schools during September.