Dyslexia + ICT ‘Pack’ for primary schools up-date

I think every SfL teacher now has the ‘pack’. It contains an Alphasmart Neo, an electronic spell checker, keyboard stickers and advice on Clicker 5, ClozePro, CoWriter, Find Out and Write About, Kidspiration and Inspiration and Microsoft Word Shortcuts.

The ‘home made’ documentation is available on Education Exchange: \\hq-server1\Education\Support .

Elizabeth Cowan and I would be keen to find out if you find it useful. And it would be good to know if anyone’s reading this. Please make contact just to reassure me!


3 thoughts on “Dyslexia + ICT ‘Pack’ for primary schools up-date

  1. The packs are great and have been well recieved by colleagues in my wee schools particularly.

    Neos were put into use straight away. I have one teacher who just lets the 2 Neo users get on with it – it’s up to them to spell check their work and print it off and put it in the jotters. They use them for writing, comprehension even maths in some cases

    Another NQT uses the spellchecker in reading groups and the kids love looking up the unfamiliar words they come across – much more motivating than a dictionary! This is a great introduction to its use and hopefully they’ll start using the spellcheck functions

    We’re hoping to print off the ‘shortcuts’ as A3 classroom posters soon

    what are others doing?

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