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I’ve been working with a group of Ross High S1 pupils on a ‘study skills’ programme. I bribed them to attend lunchtime sessions with sandwiches and biscuits. I had 80% attendance which pleased me immoderately!I’m taking the Harvard University/ Tapestry module, Teaching for Understanding, at present and used their framework to plan. This is what we covered in the 6-week block:

Unit: Time Management

Understanding Goals: How can I better manage my time at secondary school? 

Students will understand that:

  • Taking short breaks helps concentration.         

  • Prioritising the most important areas to focus on is important.         

  • Using the homework diary efficiently is essential.        

  • Keeping a visual timetable on the fridge helps organisation. 

Unit: Memory Skills

Understanding Goals: How do I improve my memory to help me study better?Students will understand that:

  • Using different senses aids memory.
  • Visualising is a powerful tool.        
  • Repeating information to yourself helps you to remember important details.         
  • Making connections between one piece of information and another makes information stick in long-term memory. 

We used some of the following ‘Learning to Learn’ resources: http://www.ltscotland.org.uk/informationliteracy/index.asphttp://www.ltscotland.org.uk/studyskills/index.asp

http://www.sqa.org.uk/sqa/13853.html  (Actually this is too advanced for S1 but a good resource for upper secondary.)

 I shall follow this up later in the year with a series of ‘drop-in’ sessions. I feel it’s unlikely that this short burst will make any significant impact upon the group’s learning in the short term, but hope that other teachers will take cognisance of the input and build on it in classtime. After all, it’s not rocket science! 

I’d love to hear of other approaches.


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  1. This sounds really interesting Hilery. I’d like to chat to you some more about it.

    I appreciate that P7s have a very full timetable at transition but I feel that this kind of course would perhaps go someway to minimising anxieties about going to secondary school. Sometimes the young folk at the very wee primary schools can be particularly anxious about how they will cope. What do you think? I can volunteer a school or two for a pilot!

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