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NHS ASL site screenI was at a Support For Learning teachers meeting yesterday for teachers in the Haddington and Tranent clusters (5/12) where Lesley Sargent, Speech Therapist gave a demonstration of the Health ASL website. Everyone there was very impressed with the amount of high quality, useful information it has on it. Many thanks to the team who put it together and to Lesley for an excellent demo.
The site has information about specific conditions, contact details for the various services and lots of tips for teachers. Well worth looking at if you haven’t already done so. You will find it at .
Also, something to look out for, on this site in the very near future, Jill Gorzkowska, the NHS ASL Therapy link person will be providing updates on joint working projects in East Lothian.

Liz Herd, Inclusion and Equality Officer

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  1. it is a wonderful resource isn’t it. I have made a hard copy index to give to Support for Learning teachers in my cluster in the short term so that we can get an idea of what’s available on the site. Hopefully Jill will come to talk to us later this term
    Well done to the ASL Health team

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