Settling Back to School after Illness

GIRLSometimes pupils have to be absent from school for extensive periods to have hospital treatment. This can be disruptive to the class but even more so for the individual pupil.

One example was a P.2 pupil who  was diagnosed with Leukaemia while attending nursery class.

As the chemotherapy treatment goes on for 2 years, with some hospital stays , the family learns to cope with the various effects of drugs which can alter behaviour, appetite and brings  nausea, etc . She had not had the opportunity to settle well into P.1 so P.2 was daunting for her.

Unfortunately a well meaning volunteer from a support organisation had decided to teach her to read by the ‘Look and Say’ method and not phonics so  she was feeling very confused by sounds and letters.

A swift phone call to the volunteer and a visit to meet her teachers began to clear the path for confidence to grow.

A conscientious probationary teacher sent me weekly emails detailing what the class was doing in school. The pupil was able to complete the same work at home whether it be making a cardboard cereal packet model of her house which could be put on the wall with all the others, or being on the same reading book as her group.


One happy child ready to return to school full-time with no further anxieties.

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