I love you, Miss. I love you, too


TESS reports that teachers should not be afraid of saying they “love” the children they work with, according to two of Scotland’s most influential figures in young people’s lives. ‘Margaret Doran, Glasgow City Council’s head of education and social work, and Kathleen Marshall, the Commissioner for Children and Young People, argued that love was an important factor in working successfully with children. They made their comments at a leadership event for primary school heads last week, creating a talking point that dominated the coffee breaks and split delegates into two clear camps.’

1 thought on “I love you, Miss. I love you, too

  1. Hi Hilery,
    Yes I saw the article too and thought it opens an interesting discussion.

    I think we English speakers maybe do get too hung up on the word ‘love’

    Thank you for drawing attention to the debate.

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