Pupils to start the school day with Nintendo


The Herald reports that primary pupils are to start the school day with a dose of Nintendo gaming to boost their learning ability, it was revealed on Friday. The children will play “brain training” exercises on the DS game console before going into their normal lessons. The scheme is to be used in 16 schools following a successful pilot in Dundee.

Learning and Teaching Scotland (LTS) the body responsible for the development of the curriculum, is to extend the project around the country next month. Derek Robertson, LTS Development Officer for games-based learning, said: “The initial pilot project that used the Nintendo DS and Dr Kawashima produced fascinating results. “Not only was there a significant improvement in attainment in mental maths but there was also an improvement in concentration levels, behaviour and self regulation in the learning process. “It will be interesting to see how this applies on a larger scale.”

LTS is working with Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Education and the University of Dundee to carry out a larger pilot of the scheme, with 16 schools using the game every morning and another 16 acting as the control group.

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  1. There’s similar work going on in East Lothian, where Alicia McFarlane’s P6/7 class are using Hotbrain on the Playstation Portable each morning.

    As part of our PSP project P6/7 continue to integrate the PSP into our learning. We continue to use Hot Brain in the morning and record our practice and test scores. Many of us are improving in various areas and focusing on the task at hand as soon as we come in.

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