Dads ‘don’t read bedtime stories’
The BBC reports that less than half of fathers regularly read bedtime stories to their children, research has suggested.

Some 42% of fathers said they were bedtime story readers, compared with 76% of mothers, a poll of 2,207 adults for the National Year of Reading found.

But 60% of fathers blamed long hours and stress. Television was children’s most common pre-sleep activity. Children’s Secretary Ed Balls said reading opened doors to everything. Boys are consistently outperformed by girls when it comes to reading. Last year 87% of girls reached the required standard of reading at the end of primary school, compared with 81% of boys.

1 thought on “Dads ‘don’t read bedtime stories’

  1. Whilst the vast majority blamed long hours and stress as the reason for not reading to their young kids at bedtime, I do feel that a lack of confidence is also a big factor for many. it’s a lot easier to blame time pressure than to admit to not feeling confident.

    To address this, I’ve recently published a booklet for parents – How to ENJOY READING ALOUD to Young Children. it is specifically designed to help adults to read aloud with more expression and confidence, making the sharing of stories much more rewarding and pleasurable for both adult and child.

    If you are interested, go to

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