Bilingual staff ‘can halt Polish exodus’

The Scotsman reports that it has been claimed that a lack of investment in bilingual school staff could force a “mass exodus” of Polish families leaving a huge hole in the labour market and crippling the Scottish economy.

Polish children are allegedly asking their parents to take them home as there is no-one to teach them properly at school. Economists have already warned that migrant workers could leave because of the plunging value of the pound against the Euro and the Polish zloty. Now business leaders claim Polish pupils are feeling isolated and foreign workers do not want to sacrifice their children’s education. Polish groups and MSPs are calling for further assistance to be given to help workers’ children to learn English.

One in 20 may suffer effects of ‘number blindness’

The Scotsman claims that more than 50,000 Scots may be unable to count or do simple sums because of an undiagnosed learning difficulty.

Academics believe as much as 5% of the population may have some degree of dyscalculia, which affects the ability to count and understand numbers.

It means they struggle with simple tasks such as checking their change in a shop, writing down a telephone number or even telling the time. Experts and business leaders warn the effects of dyscalculia are costing firms billions and potentially costing individuals their future as they struggle to find jobs which don’t require basic numeracy.