Survey finds 1 in 4 teenagers depressed

The Guardian reports that a mental health crisis in Britain’s secondary schools was revealed in a survey showing a quarter of young teenagers are frequently depressed.

The Children’s Society charity, which carried out the poll, said young people were being ground down by multiple pressures at home and school.

Its inquiry into what it feels like to be a child at the start of the 21st century found most young people want to be free from worry. But many said they were subjected to academic stress at school, peer group pressure from classmates and high expectations within the family. Bullying and an inferiority complex about the way they look were also cited as problems among children contacted by the inquiry. The charity questioned a representative sample of 8,000 children aged 14-16, and found 27% agreed with the statement: “I often feel depressed.”

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  1. Thanks Hilery for this interesting statistic.
    There are a number of pupils in East Lothian who have found coping with school impossible due to their mental health .
    Maybe others have not yet dropped out but are stressed. Adults working with them may find the online toolkit useful at

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