Why US is in awe of our get up and Glow

Eleanor Carnell and Hilery Williams are Glow Mentors in East Lothian and would be delighted to talk to people about this exciting development that will alter the way we teach and learn across Scotland.


Milton Chen, Fulbright Scholar and executive director of the George Lucas Educational Foundation visits Scotland recently

His role in the foundation set up by Star Wars film-maker Lucas is to look at innovation in US schools and colleges, but also to look further afield. What brings him to Scotland is admiration for the landmark scheme currently being established throughout the country as schools link up to a digital network now known as Glow.

In terms of rapid educational reform, the foundation hasn’t seen much like it – and the not-for-profit organisation recognised the achievement by naming Laurie O’Donnell, director of learning and technology at Learning and Teaching Scotland, as one of its elite “global six” educational pioneers last month.

Chen can barely contain his envy at the ambition shown in Scotland. “You have a different way of looking at education policy – and, in particular, a willingness to invest. In the US we often look as investments as too expensive.” A national schools intranet makes perfect sense, he says. In fact, anything else is crazy. “If you were operating an organisation of 100 different offices around the country, you wouldn’t allow each to make its own decision about what hardware and software they use.”

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