Scheme helps bad readers catch up

The BBC reports that a study suggests that struggling young readers make lasting progress on a scheme that offers one-to-one support. Reading Recovery provides six-year-olds with tailored coaching from specially trained teachers for half an hour a day for between 12 and 20 weeks. A study of 500 pupils found those on the programme not only caught up with their age-group but were out-performing the national average within two years.

Problem readers on other catch-up schemes remained a year or more behind. The Institute of Education study assessed the progress of 500 of the poorest young readers at 42 schools in 10 inner London boroughs.

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  1. This approach was used quite widely in east Lothian a few years (10 years?) ago as part of Early Intervention. I think there was a pilot project following some development work. One of the difficulties with Marie Clay’s model was managing the programme intensity within the SfL teacher’s overall workload. Other teachers may have more detail!

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