Better access to learning resources for people with visual impairments

The Scottish Government has announced that young people with visual impairments, or other print disabilities, in Scotland will have access to the best educational material available from next term.

From August, they will be able to use the Scottish Books for All database powered by SCRAN, one of the largest educational online services, to access learning materials.

The database will contain a list of adapted materials which teachers can access to ensure that all pupils with additional support needs receive curriculum materials at the same time as their classmates in a format that meets their needs.

Adam Ingram, Minister for Children and Early Years, announced the move during a debate around a call by RNIB Scotland for a national transcription service for young people.

He said:

“RNIB have been very helpful in drawing this issue to our attention but we believe that with the steps we have taken there is no need for the type of national transcription service they propose. We are totally committed to ensuring that all our pupils can access the curriculum. The Books for All report has enabled us to identify gaps in provision and take positive steps to ensure that we can achieve this aim.”

2 thoughts on “Better access to learning resources for people with visual impairments

  1. This is great news; so much of the credit should go to CALL Centre. It appears that since the Books for All report was published (not too long ago), developments have moved along quickly and there has been significant collaboration and goodwill.

    I am interested as to whether the database will be available to those presently outside Glow (including many social work funded, independent-from-LEA schools for children in care).

  2. I don’t know where the notion of making SCRAN exclusive to Glow might have originated. The only development between Glow and resources such as SCRAN is to employ the Single Sign-on access technology Shibboleth. This would obviate the necessity to have to log into SCRAN after logging into Glow.

    We in East Lothian are in the early stages of the trial of these technologies in conjunction with LTScotland and UK Access Management Federation

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