3 thoughts on “Literacy and English experiences and outcomes

  1. I think this captures some of the complexity of literacy across the curriculum, but it also leaves me asking “is that all?” …which seems a bit mean. I wondered where some of the other principles of curriculum design were – personalisation and choice, depth, breadth etc. The diversity bubble needs more – speakers of other langs, Scots in the curriculum, language as a tool of subjugation. And something about literature (in manifold forms) and its power to enthrall?

    I wondered too just how a teacher of, say, science or social studies might relate to this; we need them to relate to some stimulus other than exhortation alone, and this looks like a good tool. There must be significant power in an imaginative approach such as you’ve set out here in stimulating debate and discussion. Suppose you chucked this on a table and challenged people to explain how the experiences and outcomes that they think they are responsible for could add more colour – what’s missing? Tell me where this helps you see your responsibilities vis-a-vis those of colleagues. How could students in your class use the range of literacy skills & definitions to explain better their understanding of learning in your subject? How much do you need to understand about language yourself to be able to stimulate different reactions in your students? Who would you work with to improve the impact of literacy in your classes?….and so on.

    With feedback from this sort of engagement, staff’s learning would improve, and the mindmap itself could be developed.

    How about using it with young people, especially recalcitrant ones? I bet most of them could think of a good few more angles – angles that would relevant to their experience, not just ours.

    Well worth pursuing. Don’t wait to “get it right”. Try it out with real people in real establishments.

  2. As I sat down with the new guidelines today maybe I should have been looking at your link. I never thought I’d hear myself saying where’s the 5-14 Language document…….

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