Person Centred Planning


Several of us in East Lothian were privileged to attend training on Person Centred Planning provided by Inclusive Solutions ( in May.
My Mind Map illustrates the process of making a MAP (Making Action Plans) – a structure that is used at Review Meetings where the child is at the centre. It is ‘a way of organising around one person to define and create a better future’. The idea is that the people who speak the most should be the people who know the person best and that professionals listen to a person’s dreams and acknowledge her/his nightmares so as to decide on actions.

Many of us have already had some practice – with each other and in real review meetings – and are planning to carry on with this exciting method of planning next session.

P.S. If you want to see the Mind Map more clearly, just click on it and it will magically enlarge. Oh the wonders of technology.

2 thoughts on “Person Centred Planning

  1. Looks good Hilery – it will be useful as an ‘aide-memoire’ of the process when we have a go at one early next term. It will also be interesting to compare the experience of MAPing which have the child at the centre and those which have a group of people (Support for Learning teachers) as the focus.

    As we discussed at the MAPS training it an have a wealth of applications – I’m looking forward to having a go.

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