‘Parents as Partners’

‘Excellent!’ “A really enjoyable afternoon,” “It’s great to see what our children do”

These were some of the many very positive comments made by parents who attended our “Parents as Partners: Supporting Learners at Law” open afternoon last week. Our aims for the session were simple – to introduce parents to the Support for Learing team (in the wider sense), to share some of the games and activities we use, to look at the displays and resources and to encourage pupils and parents to play together. A bonus was to meet parents informally in a relaxed setting.

The room was soon buzzing with chatter and laughter as parents had a go at some games, tried ACE dictionaries, looked at some reading resources and enjoyed the displays of children working together. Laptops were set up with a range of web-based games and activities which proved to be extremely popular. The children joined their parents when classes finished and were soon sharing favourite games and websites with their families – it was delightful to see parents and children having fun together!

The focus was on literacy and Support for Learning teachers had prepared a range of handouts covering reading, spelling, writing, websites and internet safety. Parents helped themselves to these and had an opportunity to ask staff about mind mapping, strategies to support reluctant readers, paired reading and a host of other questions.

The children themselves were very involved in planning this successful event. They enjoyed using mindmaps to make the invitations, choosing their favourite games, acting as guides and having their photos taken for displays. Our in-house ‘paperazzi’ photographers came along too so there’s a lovely record of the afternoon.

Parents and childen were so busy in fact that they didn’t have time for coffee and juice!

3 thoughts on “‘Parents as Partners’

  1. Morna,

    Your post makes very interesting reading and it would be great to see other teachers use Edubuzz to share examples of good practice in relation to SFL. Any thoughts from anyone how teachers could be encouraged/supported to do this ?

  2. Thanks for this Liz – online communities came up at our Cluster Meeting so perhaps that would be a starting point. The Support for All blog is a good medium for sharing practice and Glow may be another one. There’s so much good practice going on!

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