Framework for Inclusion

The Scottish Government announced yesterday that a new initiative in teacher training Рthe National Framework for Inclusion Рaims to ensure better classroom support for pupils with additional needs, such as dyslexia.
Cabinet Secretary for Education and Lifelong Learning Fiona Hyslop launched the Framework which offers advice to encourage student teachers and qualified teachers to be inclusive in their teaching.

The Framework was funded by the Scottish Government and developed by the Scottish Teacher Education Committee (STEC), the body for the seven Scottish universities who provide teacher training.identifies the values and beliefs, professional knowledge and understanding and the skills and abilities, in terms of inclusive education, to be expected of both student teachers and qualified teachers. A further web-based resource will give support by providing relevant, high quality materials and documentation.

The document proposes under each of the headings (Student Teachers, Teachers, Advanced Professionals) what should be regarded as minimum expectations of teachers at each of the levels rather than as a hierarchical approach to anticipated engagement by teachers.

It aims to place a clear emphasis on the essential role played by the values and beliefs (Professional Values and Commitment) of each teacher in their commitment to the development of inclusive practice.

The Framework Document aims to be comprehensive but not prescriptive. It is question-based to encourage teachers to accept a shared responsibility for researching answers – and further questions – with the support of the web-based repository. It would be good to see staff in schools thinking about these questions in relation to all their pupils.

I really welcome the fact that it promotes inclusion as being the responsibility of all teachers in all schools and has tried to identify and to address the needs of teachers at all stages of their careers. It recognises and emphasises the need for career-long and life-long learning

3 thoughts on “Framework for Inclusion

  1. A colleague and I have been having a look at this Hilery – it looks really exciting and I also welcome the fact that inclusion is the responsibility of all teachers in all schools.

    My question at this stage is what are we (individuals, schools and local authority) going to do to embed this thinking and practice in our classroooms? Am I correct in thinking that this is only in online format? I haven’t seen hard copy anywhere

    Bring it on!!

  2. Morna
    I only know of it online too, though I have downloaded the poster for reference.
    I think we need to audit where we are and what the next steps are using the framework. I shall see if it’s appropriate to incorporate some of the thinking into the Dyslexia Friendly Schools Pledge (being piloted by 5 primaries this session and hopefully to be further rolled out 2009/10).

  3. I think it’s also something that should be flagged up to staff development

    I have downloaded the poster but it’s too wee! I’ll need to get an A3 colour copy – I’ll ask at JMH

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