Enquire Information packs

Recently I sourced a pack containing all the leaflets published by Enquire, the Scottish Service for Additional Support for Learning

Enquire publishes loads of free information for parents, pupils, professionals and teachers – all of a very high quality.  There are factsheets, Young peoples Guides, DVDs, booklets and leaflets on all sorts of subjects and alternative formats are available. 

  • Involving Children and Young people in Decisions about their Education
  • Round the Table: A Guides to Going to Meetings
  • Going to Secondary Schol and Getting Ready to Leave School
  • Nadias Story
  • Have your Say – teachers notes and film

These are just a few of the many titles and Enquire will send whatever you need and it arrives very quickly.  Everything is also downloadable however the lovely colours fairly eat printer ink!  So why reinvent that wheel when the information is already there.  I have order forms if you’s like one.


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