All Alone?

I had been wondering if it was worth continuing with this blog as there have been so few comments. I don’t know how to access the stats. However at the weekend I met several educators from around Scotland and elsewhere who regularly look in. There seems to be a dearth of online presence of ASN professionals so this was welcomed.

I shall continue to post items of interest here – mainly gleaned I have to admit from the daily news service provided by LTS – and to make more detailed and idiosyncratic posts on my own personal blog ( in the coming session.

It would be marvellous if others with interests in supporting learners in East Lothian (that’s all of us) would join in!

Happy holidays!

5 thoughts on “All Alone?

  1. No HIlery there are 2 of us!

    I have a head full of posts still to write and I do log on, read and comment

    I have info from David about accessing stats and encouraging readership which I will forward to you. We will then conquer the world!

  2. Hi Hilery

    I have accessed the stats and do indeed see that others are visiting but not commenting. I don’t understand all the stats however some wee American flags are popping up so I guess we have some transatlantic visitors

    I shall follow David’s advice and try posting on other blogs and leaving this blog’s URL

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