Comic Life!

A wee while ago a colleague and I attended a workshop on Youth Participation. Whilst there we came across some software called ‘Comic Life.’  Basically it offers a range of comic templates, links to your photos stored in your computer and you can choose speech bubbles, text boxes and headlines.

I’ve used it successfully with reluctant writers and children with ASN.  Its so easy to use that I haven’t opened the manual yet!  Click on the boxes and the photo resizes to the box, write in the text boxes and speech bubbles and they resize with the text.  Drag into place and hey presto – a very professional comic starring your pupils!!

Comic Life is on the refreshed laptops. Ask IT if you don’t have it. Have fun!

All good things come to an end!

As many of you know I am based in Innerwick once a week.  I don’t have an office and used to sit with my laptop perched on my lap. Some time ago a desk was found for me and set up in a extra classroom.  The schools network was made live so I could access emails on my laptop and other items to make my wee ‘office’ comfortable. Such wee things make a big difference. What a welcoming place!

But now 4 children have enrolled and the extra classroom re-instated. I’m on the move! Now I’m ‘hot-desking’ with the support staff!  Once more the network point has been made live for me and I’m linked to the network printers.  It’s not quite so comfortable but the view is fantastic!