Empathising with worms

A report in TES about East Ayrshire How to read between the lines  stresses the importance of higher order reading skills in non-fiction texts. ‘Empathising with worms’ is not sufficient but is a result of too much focus on fiction in the primary school, they say.

Fiction and non-fiction comprehension scores of P5s in East Ayrshire have soared in six months, thanks to a new literacy initiative

A literacy intervention programme for P5 pupils in East Ayrshire has seen their reading comprehension scores improve in six months by a massive 33 per cent in non-fiction and 15 per cent for fiction.

It is now being extended to all the council’s primary schools, and Anne Neil, a literacy consultant who devised the programme, is pursuing the findings with other authorities.

Graham Short, executive director of education and social services in East Ayrshire, said the initiative had the potential to close the attainment gap significantly. He predicted that its focus on non-fiction in the middle primary years would have an impact on secondary attainment, particularly in pupils’ writing.