Edublogs Awards 2009

The nominations for the 2009 Edublog Awards are open! Now in their 6th year, the Edublog Awards celebrate the achievements of edubloggers, twitterers, podcasters, video makers, online communities, wiki hosts and other web based users of educational technology. This year Classroom 2.0 is co-hosting the awards, and Elluminate is supporting the event.

In order to nominate blogs for the 2009 Edublog Awards you link to them. Full details are on the Edublog Awards site.

Nominations: Close Tuesday 8 December!
Voting: Ends Wednesday 16 December!
Award Ceremony: Friday 18 December!

The categories are:

  • Best individual blog
  • Best individual tweeter
  • Best group blog
  • Best new blog
  • Best class blog
  • Best student blog
  • Best resource sharing blog
  • Most influential blog post
  • Most influential tweet / series of tweets / tweet based discussion
  • Best teacher blog
  • Best librarian / library blog
  • Best educational tech support blog
  • Best elearning / corporate education blog
  • Best educational use of audio
  • Best educational use of video / visual
  • Best educational wiki
  • Best educational use of a social networking service
  • Best educational use of a virtual world
  • Lifetime achievement
Have some fun!
P.S . My personal blog happens to have been nominated for the Best Teacher blog here. Very flattering.

Teachmeet in East Lothian

Teachmeet in East Lothian

What is TeachMeet?

Learn something new, be amazed, amused and enthused. This is an informal gathering of those curious about teaching and technology. Anyone can share great ideas they’ve trialled in their classrooms, ask important questions or simply sign up to take part in learning conversations. Would be good to see and hear both Primary and Secondary Teachers.

 As far as we’re aware, there hasn’t ever been a TeachMeet in East Lothian. They’re such a fantastic opportunity for teachers to get together and share ideas, that we decided to just go for it and organise our own. TeachMeets have often focused on the use of ICT in classrooms in the past. While this is clearly important, we’d like to try and broaden the spectrum a little for our TeachMeet. We’d like to encourage presenations on any new ideas teachers have been trying out in our classrooms, whether they involve technology or not. This is why we’ve given our TeachMeet the ‘curriculumforexcellenceedition’ tag line.

 This TeachMeet is currently being put together by a few volunteers (Elise Sutherland, David Gilmour, Kirsty Robertson, Lynne Lewis, Tess WatsonFearghal Kelly). If you’d like to help out, please let us know.


I have volunteered to do a 2 minute slot about Word Talk. The organisers are keen for others to be involved, You don’t have to ‘present’ anything (although speaking for 2 minutes is not too daunting). Just come along. It’s a terffic way of leanring something practical.

Wanted: ‘dyslexia friendly’ schools for £1,000 award

Wanted: ‘dyslexia friendly’ schools for £1,000 award

Calling all Sencos and teachers working with young dyslexic people. The Iansyst Dyslexia-Friendly Best Practice Awards 2009, created to recognise and celebrate “best practice for dyslexia provision in education”, have opened for nominations. The winner gets a laptop and appropriate software worth more than £1,000.

The theme this year is ‘Celebrating the Strengths of Dyslexic Students’ and the awards will mark the second year the assistive technology specialist has organised the event. To enter teachers have to explain in 350-400, how they work to raise the awareness of dyslexia and establish a dyslexia-friendly environment at their schools.

According to last year’s winner, Suzanne Edwards, the inclusion manager at Essex’s Notley Green Primary School, “The thinking behind my school’s strategy for SpLD provision is tiny steps can equal a profound change to the quality of a dyslexic pupil’s learning, so awareness among the entire school community is imperative.

“To date, we have not explored the benefits of assistive technology for our pupils, so it is due to this, combined with my commitment and passion to raising awareness of the condition that led me to enter the Dyslexia-Friendly Best Practice Awards 2008. I am delighted to have won this year’s award and am very excited about using the technology supplied by iansyst Ltd in class with my pupils.”

The winning prize worth more than £1,000 includes a Dell laptop and a bundle of assistive technology software such as Mind Genius mind mapping software, Audio Notetaker (see John Galloway’s review), text-to-speech software ClaroRead, VeritySpell for spell checking. Two runner-ups will receive the latest Toshiba G8 mobile phone and CapturaTalk scan and speak software (reviewed here).
Entries close on Friday, December 4 with prizewinners announced on December 18.

Help at hand for pupils and parents

 A new national campaign has been launched to encourage and empower parents to find out about the help available to support children through difficult periods in life. The Just Ask campaign aims to raise awareness of the rights of parents to ask for additional support when something is affecting their child’s learning. Children may not be reaching their full potential due to a diverse range of issues and the situations that lead to pupils needing extra help can also include many social and emotional factors.