Google Docs for isolated learners

Recently at a CPD session at Knox Academy several teachers practiced using Google Apps together.

One application which is useful in supporting a pupil who cannot be in class, perhaps due to illness, is to paste and send them a Past Paper or other document which they can work on at home. The teacher can type on comments as the pupil is working rather than sending it back and forth as you would with email.

A way for a pupil to keep in touch with peers, is to work from home on a document while classmates type from school. A group can participate together on a Powerpoint or other document from various computers in various locations simultaneously.

One Guidance teacher was eager to put her learning into practice in support of a young man in his final year of school who is undergoing lengthy medical treatments. He can now communicate with classmates and teachers from hospital or home from a lap top and can progress in subjects with a better chance of achieving his potential.

The scope for creating learning opportunities is exciting.

To learn more look at Youtube Googledocs in plain english

3 thoughts on “Google Docs for isolated learners

  1. Joan,

    I’m really pleased to see that the Google Apps system is reducing the disadvantage faced by out-of-school learners in this way. It’s one thing discussing the possibilities, but it’s much better to hear that the ideas work!

    For those not familiar with Google Apps, it might be worth mentioning that we’re using the East Lothian Education “Google Apps for Education” system, at, not the public Google Apps system. This makes sharing easier because things can be shared with classmates and staff by name, using the inbuilt user directory.

  2. Thank you for this, Joan.
    I have had ‘Check out Google docs’ for weeks on my To Do list. Having read your post and looked at the video clip I think I’m ready to roll.

  3. Thanks for adding the link to your comment David. My PT and I have been able to work on documents at home during school closures. We even worked together today to produce a Powerpoint presentation using google docs. An excellent way of sharing learning and even our P3s use it.

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