Who does what?

 This question has arisen on many occasions in my first couple of months in post as Education ICT Officer.  In recent conversations I have discovered – to my delight – that in areas of overlapping services, others far more experienced than myself have been asking the same question….Who does what?

Take for example, the role of Key Comm.  Based in Pennywell Road, Edinburgh, they provide a service funded by Health, Education and Social Work.  East Lothian Council have a service level agreement with them to help pupils with communication impairments make use of technology to help them access learning.

These are their core services:

  • Assessment  (not sure how to best support a pupil who has communication problems? Key Comm will come out to the school and do a full assessment)
  • Support and Information ( questions answered, advice given)
  • Training ( opportunities to learn more about the use and application of technology)
  • Loan bank of equipment ( equipment for individual or group use)

Have a look at their website http://www.keycommaac.ik.org/p_Home.ikml or email Deborah Jans deborah.jans@educ.edin.gov.uk

Another agency which supports pupils with communication difficulties in schools across Scotland is CALL ( Communication, Access, Literacy and Learning)  Scotland.  Their website http://www.callscotland.org.uk provides valuable information on ICT resources which will make a  major impact in meeting the educational needs of pupils with communication difficulties.  There are excellent links to other websites which further helps create a picture of what is available and to see that there is a vast network of support out there for families and teachers.

Would it be helpful to create a definitive mind map or flowchart to help identify how best to support pupils with specific needs?  Please feedback your comments so we can finally answer the question….Who does what?