Scottish Poet Elspeth Murray returns to Glow

Get your Glow log-ins ready because on Friday 22nd January, Scottish Poet Elspeth Murray will take part in her second live Glow Meet with budding young Poets across Scotland.

The event is on at 10am, Fri 22 January and is aimed at S2 pupils and suitable for teachers interested in getting some help and ideas with teaching poetry from a poet in real time. Teachers can take part even if they don’t have a class at this time.

1 thought on “Scottish Poet Elspeth Murray returns to Glow

  1. This sounds like a great opportunity to get some poetry teaching ideas!

    You can log in and join a Glow Meet event as a viewer but if you want to take part you will need a webcam. The recommended one is the Microsoft LifeCam VX-3000 and should be ordered through IT. It will then need the drivers installed for it to work. Recommended microphone is the Logitech USB microphone which does not need any special installation.

    Go for it! It’s a one time set up and then you will be able to access any Glow Meet events or perhaps come up with ideas of your own on linking up with other classes, schools or outside agencies.

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