Clicker 5



 Seventeen people attended the Clicker 5 training session at Dunbar Primary School on Friday afternoon.  It was a valuable hands on session, professionally delivered by Eleri Hanley from Cricksoft.  From overheard discussions and evaluation form feedback, there was an overwheming feeling of  ‘Ah that’s what I wanted to do!’ and ‘I knew there had to be a way to do that!’

There are many useful tools within Clicker 5 and I think we are just scratching the surface.  Register for free at ( this website appears when you open Clicker 5 under ‘Other Places’)  and you will be able to use – and adapt – hundreds of ready made grids.  If you get stuck with anything press F1 and Clicker 5 help appears.  Like all ICT things it takes a bit of practice to improve your skills.  Don’t stay stuck for long  – we now have a direct email support contact in Eleri so if you have any questions,  you can contact her on 

If you are experiencing problems opening up Clicker 5 then you need to email and ask for a free software upgrade.  As with all software (and hardware) get it reported and it will be fixed.

Good luck to all!