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 Seventeen people attended the Clicker 5 training session at Dunbar Primary School on Friday afternoon.  It was a valuable hands on session, professionally delivered by Eleri Hanley from Cricksoft.  From overheard discussions and evaluation form feedback, there was an overwheming feeling of  ‘Ah that’s what I wanted to do!’ and ‘I knew there had to be a way to do that!’

There are many useful tools within Clicker 5 and I think we are just scratching the surface.  Register for free at ( this website appears when you open Clicker 5 under ‘Other Places’)  and you will be able to use – and adapt – hundreds of ready made grids.  If you get stuck with anything press F1 and Clicker 5 help appears.  Like all ICT things it takes a bit of practice to improve your skills.  Don’t stay stuck for long  – we now have a direct email support contact in Eleri so if you have any questions,  you can contact her on 

If you are experiencing problems opening up Clicker 5 then you need to email and ask for a free software upgrade.  As with all software (and hardware) get it reported and it will be fixed.

Good luck to all!

5 thoughts on “Clicker 5

  1. It was indeed an excellent course. I really enjoyed it and Eleri solved all the problems I’ve recently been having with a Clicker book.
    Colleagues were similarly enthusiastic. I hope to diary in some time to play with Clicker 5 and to work through the manual. Well worth attending this course.

  2. It was a great course and explained how to fine tune clicker to do exactly what you want it to. The online resourses are fantastic and I use many of them in my lessons- both for learning support and back in class. Many online resources require clicker paint to work but not every class teacher has this installed.

  3. Yes, it does seem that the a lot of the free resources do require the use of Clicker Paint. A clever marketing ploy! The ASN budget is for pupils with severe and complex needs therefore precludes the bulk purchase of licenses for general distribution to SFL teachers.
    A Clicker Paint Single User license is currently £49 with additional user licenses at £15.

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